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Cup of coffee in the big time: Chavo Guerrero Jr. enjoying ‘special’ experience of working on GLOW

Chavo Guerrero Jr. has had a great career in pro wrestling, capturing championships throughout the world while contributing to his family legacy.

But Guerrero’s future, he hopes, lies in Hollywood.

After appearing in small roles in TV shows and movies as well as doing some stunt work, Guerrero has found a home working on the Netflix series GLOW.

Guerrero appeared in two episodes but his primary work on the show has been as stunt coordinator and wrestling consultant. It’s been a revelation for Guerrero in his Hollywood journey.

“It was a surprise,” Guerrero told Cageside Seats. “You don’t know what you’re going to get. I’m coming onto a show that’s me and 14 women. I’ve got extras and two stunt girls on the show. If you get in the room with a lot of women like that, it can get catty, it could be about which person doesn’t like that person. That’s not just women, that’s people in general, they’re just not always going to get along.

“These girls all got along, they were each other’s biggest cheerleaders, they were all coming in, with the exception of Kia Stevens (pro wrestler Awesome Kong), they were coming in not knowing about wrestling and never being in a ring. Training them and seeing their progression and seeing them laugh, cry and be excited because of moves they’re learning ... As competitive as they are, they’re always rooting each other on, it was great.”

One of the big challenges to an outsider would be attempting to train the women to wrestle. These are, after all, not lifelong fans with a deep passion to draw on.

While the training isn’t for entire matches, but instead single scenes edited together, Guerrero said there wasn’t much difference in handling the training from a normal wrestling class.

“That’s where people have a misconception,” Guerrero said. “They think, ‘this is the template to train someone.’ I don’t care if you’re training an actress or if you’re training someone who wants to go to WWE and wrestle at WrestleMania, you’re going to have to cater to that person and to that class every time. It’s different every single time.

“When I had these girls, one thing in wrestling that they typically do, they try to beat you up and weed out the people looking to get on TV and make some money. They try to get people who actually love the sport and give the sport to those people who appreciate it. What’s different here, I’m training these girls and want them to love wrestling. I want them to want to come to work every day and not feel bad they have to train again. I want them to be excited to get in the ring and go.

“I have to teach them how to bump, how to fall, how to roll. We have a real wrestling ring, not a padded wrestling ring. We have a ring that’s legit. These girls are doing everything that a real wrestler would do. To get them in there and train them to be in a scene on a set is a little different, but at the same time it’s not all that different.”

Guerrero said he sees himself working on his own shows in the future, noting that he has a few shows getting ready to be pitched.

His focus, he said, is on continuing to diversify and create. All while enjoying the extra benefits that come with a life in TV and film.

“I love creating,” Guerrero said. “I love being on this side of the ring and of the camera. I’m still involved with wrestling, but I’m creating now. That’s leading into other things like stunts. To have longevity in the wrestling business or any business, you have to evolve. And I’m looking to keep doing that for sure.

“Also, what you have with acting in Hollywood, you’re a part of the union with the Screen Actors Guild. That’s something in wrestling that we never were. They didn’t have any of that, there were no benefits or pension or any of that. Now, being part of these shows I have great insurance, a pension, a union looking out for me. It’s pretty special coming from a world that doesn’t have that to this. It’s special.”

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