Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (June 18 - 19, 2018)

It's Wednesday late afternoon, or whatever time it is when you are, and that's only if you're reading this the minute it goes up... actually, let's start again. It's not easy, writing these intros every week.

It's Wednesday right now, which means it's time to bring together two days of YouTube and Facebook viewing figures and determine what's hot with the WWE Universe from another week of television output as we deal with the fallout from Money In The Bank...


1 Ronda Rousey attacks Kurt Angle and Alexa Bliss (Raw) 3.6m views as of ~4pm ET June 19
2 Angle reveals the #1 contendership match (Raw) 1.22m
3 Asuka confronts Carmella and James Ellsworth (SmackDown) 1.21m views as of ~4pm ET June 20
4 Braun Strowman & Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin (Raw) 961k
5 Owens attempt to befriend Strowman (Raw) 859k
6 Rusev vs The Miz gauntlet match (SmackDown) 735k
7 Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley vs the Revival (Raw) 737k
8 Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler (Raw) 577k
9 Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe gauntlet match (SmackDown) 560k
10 Jeff Hardy promo on Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown) 531k
11 Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan (Raw) 511k
12 Daniel Bryan vs The Miz gauntlet match (SmackDown) 480k
13 Banks and Bayley brawl backstage (Raw) 466k
14 SAnitY destroy the Usos (SmackDown) 465k
15 Rollins leaves the arena (Raw) 409k
16 Daniel Bryan vs Big E gauntlet match (SmackDown) 350k
17 Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs Heath Slater & Rhyno (Raw) 348k
18 Ziggler backstage interview (Raw) 296k
19 Becky Lynch vs Billie Kay (SmackDown) 293k
20 Bludgeon Brothers vs Gallows & Anderson (SmackDown) 272k


1 Rousey attacks (Raw) 3.1m
2 Strowman & Balor vs Owens & Corbin (Raw) 1.3m
3 Banks and Bayley brawl (Raw) 1.1m
4 Reigns & Lashley interrupt Angle (Raw) 887k
5 Asuka attacks Ellsworth (SmackDown) 860k
6 Owens attempt to befriend Strowman (Raw) 801k
7 Rollins vs Ziggler (Raw) 536k
8 Rusev vs Miz gauntlet match (SmackDown) 505k
9 B-Team promo (Raw) 488k
10 SAnitY destroy the Usos (SmackDown) 484k
11 Bludgeon Brothers vs Gallows & Anderson (SmackDown) 427k
12 Bryan vs Big E gauntlet match (SmackDown) 365k
13 Hardy promo (SmackDown) 358k
14 Lynch vs Kay (SmackDown) 348k
15 Banks & Bayley vs Morgan & Logan (Raw) 337k
16 Jinder Mahal vs Chad Gable (Raw) 326k
17 No Way Jose vs Mojo Rawley (Raw) 264k
18 Nakamura backstage interview (SmackDown) 261k
19 Bobby Roode vs Curt Hawkins (Raw) 254k
20 Hideo Itami vs Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali (205 Live) 204k

- Rousey getting rowdy and active, Kurt making big decisions, Alexa being humiliated, chaos in an opening segment... every single element of proven YouTube success came together as one, and 24 hours later it's already up to 6.5m views. Surprisingly it's not the biggest next-day figure since Wrestlemania - though Bobby Lashley's return, which clocked up 3.8m views, was only a day after the grandaddy of them all, and Rousey does have the only other video to top 3m since then when she helped Natalya fend off Absolution a week later. (Two Brock/Roman brawls are the only other 2018 clips to have gone over that amount by our cutoff point) A brief pre-red mist backstage chat with Renee is at #21.

- Given Reigns' usually great figures and that Lashley/Zayn was surprisingly hot, it's unclear whether the pull for the second most watched Raw upload was them being in the thumbnail (though that isn't always a reliable parameter) or that Angle making an announcement still has the pull that it did for the first months of his being GM. It's also interesting that it didn't do quite as well on Facebook. Whatever, Roman and Bobby teaming together dragged the almost DOA Revival up to a good figure between them, though comfortably behind Braun - Owens' encounter with him has since soared past the resultant tag match, 1.26m to 1.21m.

- On the other hand, you'd be tempted to say Dolph is that much of a turn-off to affect Seth's good run that much, but his team with Drew McIntyre has been overachieving since their union. Maybe people just don't want to see him as champion. Whatever the reasoning, it looks very strange that the Rollins post-match departure to the back would do so well for a short meaningless moment and Dolph's reaction tick upwards from where that kind of moment would normally be but the match gain not many more views. Very interestingly the match currently stands at 677k - an extra hundred thousand is an appalling Tuesday night into Wednesday increase, so much so that Seth's dejection has put on more views in that time.

- Yes, you're right, the thumbnail does feature Asuka shaping to knock Ellsworth out. We know Carmellabrations have been surprisingly strong and now they're bringing that intergender pull. (Seriously, check with the likes of Beyond Wrestling what their figures are like when they upload intergender matches and where the views come from, and then consider up to two-thirds of WWE YouTube viewers are said to be international)

- Received opinion feels like nobody's interested in Sasha and Bayley's latest brawl because the story has already been paused so often it won't lead to anything now. The YouTube figure would back that up given their pre-Mania locker room brawl topped a million views, although the fight may go ahead of the match by the end of the week. But then how to explain the Facebook number, or that as of now their meaningless tag match has had much more interest than most of their meaningless tag matches?

- RUSEV NUMBER TWO/SIX/EIGHT. It's funny how at the height of Rusev Day mania his views weren't doing well at all and just as that moment seemed to be passing here he is topping a competitive field, although interest has been slowly creeping upwards in very recent weeks. What may be even more of a takeaway from the gauntlet match though is the inconsistent figures of Daniel Bryan yet again, especially with the first direct meeting with the Miz that we've been building to for literal years now not even cracking half a million. Both the Joe and Miz segments with Bryan were additionally left off the Facebook uploads, interestingly.

- Given its strong Facebook number it would have been interesting to see what the B-Team promo could have done on YouTube given the nature of riding a wave of overness, which SAnitY appear to be doing well on for their dynamic debut. Mahal vs Gable was down in #25 on YouTube, so whatever social media interest Jinder's push was being built on has evaporated and/or Chad's inability to draw a good number continues, but he beat Bobby Roode at #26 - so that big Hawkins figure was definitely a one-off. Rollins and Nakamura's backstage interviews also just got crowded out of the top 20 in a busy week.

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