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Tetsuya Naito has the perfect response to Chris Jericho’s R-rated promo

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If you weren’t already sold on it, Tetsuya Naito casually throwing shade at Chris Jericho just sealed the deal. On Saturday Jun. 9, Naito and Jericho will finally meet under the New Japan Pro Wrestling banner when they square up as part of the promotion’s Dominion card.

Last week Jericho went full Jericho in a profanity laced promo that blasted his opponent from all angles. This week Naito hit Y2J with a smooth but calculated counter punch to the rib-cage.

Naito was asked about his thoughts on Jericho and responded in the video below.

“Nothing really. I know that he was in Best of the Super Juniors before. He was in the ring on June 5, 1997 in Budokan on the day I decided to become a pro wrestler. But unfortunately, he wasn’t main-eventing, he was knocked out of the tournament already. So, he failed to make any kind of impression on me.”

Wasn’t a main-eventer? Knocked out early in the tournament? Failed to make any kind of impression? That is some grade-A, high quality shade dropped in the lap of Chris Jericho courtesy of Tetsuya Naito.

Seriously, is it Jun. 9 yet?