Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (May 28 - 29, 2018)

Another week of WWE TV output passes, and another of our weekly lists taken from trawling the YouTube and Facebook view counts the next day to see what's proving popular with the wider WWE Universe. With Reigns and, theoretically, Styles having the week off it was an opportunity for some of the other big hitters to step up, or in one case step dance.


1 Finn Balor slaps Braun Strowman (Raw) 1.1m views as of ~4pm ET May 29
2 Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe vs Big Cass (SmackDown) 966k views as of ~4pm ET May 30
3 Strowman vs Balor (Raw) 940k
4 Nia Jax faces off with Ronda Rousey (Raw) 936k
5 Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal (Raw) 792k
6 Naomi vs Lana dance-off (SmackDown) 714k
7 Women's gauntlet match (Raw) 614k
8 Big Cass interrupts Bryan and Joe (SmackDown) 516k
9 Rollins is helped out of the arena (Raw) 479k
10 Sami Zayn "apologizes" to Bobby Lashley (Raw) 470k
11 Asuka vs Mandy Rose (SmackDown) 445k
12 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger (SmackDown) 406k
13 B-Team Memorial Day Tag Team BBQ (Raw) 373k
14 The New Day vs The Bar & The Miz (SmackDown) 348k
15 Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs the Ascension (Raw) 313k
16 Bobby Roode vs Kevin Owens (Raw) 285k
17 Paige, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch backstage (SmackDown) 263k
18 Drew McIntyre vs Chad Gable (Raw) 192k
19 Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy (205 Live) 181k
20 Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Sin Cara backstage (SmackDown) 159k


1 Owens interferes in Balor vs Strowman (Raw) 927k
2 Strowman destroys Owens and Roode (Raw) 878k
3 Dance-off (SmackDown) 859k
4 B-Team BBQ (Raw) 807k
5 Elias attacks Rollins (Raw) 756k
6 Balor vs Strowman (Raw) 674k
7 Cass interrupts (SmackDown) 661k
8 Bryan vs Joe vs Cass (SmackDown) 619k
9 Jax attempts to outdo Rousey (Raw) 584k
10 Hardy & Wyatt vs Ascension (Raw) 394k
11 Mickie James vs Ruby Riott (Raw) 379k
12 Nakamura vs Dillinger (SmackDown) 377k
13 Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan beat up Bayley (Raw) 371k
14 New Day vs Bar & Miz (SmackDown) 342k
15 Asuka vs Rose (SmackDown) 319k
16 Alexander "has some fun at Murphy's expense" (205 Live) 217k
17 Paige interrupts Flair and Lynch (SmackDown) 205k
18 McIntyre vs Gable (Raw) 201k
19 Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick (205 Live) 199k
20 Zayn promo (Raw) 146k

- Braun's feud with Kane last year started off slowly but before too long was regularly drawing well into seven figures in our chart, and Finn poking the hornet's nest has not only ensured this was more than just a pointless rematch helped him regain some form of dominance with the top two places (and sixth) on Facebook and first and third on YouTube. As is almost tradition by now Bryan does strongly on YouTube and badly on Facebook.

- It actually appears what Facebook fans really wanted to see and enjoy this week was Not Wrestling, with a match being broken up as their #1, a dance-off at #3, a food fight at #4 and a single guitar shot at #5 after a match WWE didn't even bother to upload anything from. I remarked last week on how there was clearly still an audience for Lana all along that sticks with her no matter how bad the story around her presence is - it turns out I underestimated her, or at least those who wanted to see her bust a move.

- Mixed messages on the Rousey front this week. For the first time a featured in-person appearance on Raw (ie not a run-in) slips below an immediate million, but as her clips tend to do anyway it's put a spurt on and is now on 1.45m to Braun vs Finn's 1.36m - and that's not an underwhelming increase on the latter's part by any means (the superior segment has increased by around 700k), it's that half a million Rousey fans suddenly turned up. Still, what happened to make people unconvinced at first? Nia's credentials, Stephanie's presence, that there isn't the sustained interest after all? This will be interesting to watch, especially with the barely any better drawing Natalya in the shadows.

- For all that the actual highlighted women's match on Raw hasn't done badly, but while not disastrous - it's still comfortably better than every non-Lana match did last week - Asuka is again proving that she needs momentum and the right opponent to draw the numbers she did when she was running through the other brand's roster.

- Mixed messages in the Lashley/Zayn aftermath, as the feud that drew a million views on Facebook collapses but still holds up well where it was less popular on YouTube. Congratulations meanwhile go to Alexander and Murphy, whose superb cruiserweight title match is the first 205 Live segment to break into the YouTube chart since February 6th and only the second since the title tournament finished to achieve more than 100k views (the other was Buddy attacking Cedric)

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