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Kenny Omega, Jim Cornette are feuding again about what is pro wrestling

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Pro wrestling is a subjective art form. What one person may like, some other person may hate. Something that pro wrestling fans from all walks of life can agree upon is that if Kenny Omega likes something, Jim Cornette hates it.

Thanks to a random GIF floating about the pro wrestling internet, Cornette is once again mad about something that Omega enjoys.

Maybe one day these two polar opposites will be united by some flippy comedy spot inside the squared circle, today (May 24) is not that day.

Here is the GIF that upset Cornette.


Really can’t stop watching an endless loop of Canadian Destroyers. This is the type of video that should unite the pro wrestling world, not drive it apart.

Sound off Cagesiders, how many Canadian Destroyers is too many Canadian Destroyers?