Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (May 21 - 22, 2018)

The results for last week's online video views column proved... divergent, let's say, so as Money In The Bank rumbles closer and Vince starts to build his Scrooge McDuck-style secret gold coin pit let's see what's been grabbing attention from this week's television output (plus the 205 Live clips that often sneak in at the bottom end of the Facebook list) on the company's official YouTube and Facebook outlets.

Hey, Roman's not number one!


1 Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax contract signing (Raw) 1.4m views as of ~4pm ET May 22
2 Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens & Jinder Mahal (Raw) 1.0m
3 Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 876k views as of ~4pm ET May 23
4 Shinsuke Nakamura reveals the stipulation for the world title match (SmackDown) 852k
5 Stephanie McMahon addresses Kurt Angle and Reigns (Raw) 851k
6 Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor (Raw) 751k
7 Bobby Lashley attacks Sami Zayn and his "sisters" (Raw) 694k
8 Lana vs Billie Kay (SmackDown) 680k
9 Big E vs The Miz (SmackDown) 462k
10 Reigns vs Owens (Raw) 417k
11 Naomi vs Sonya Deville (SmackDown) 400k
12 Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Liv Morgan vs Sarah Logan (Raw) 393k
13 The Usos vs Gallows & Anderson (SmackDown) 376k
14 Ember Moon vs Alexa Bliss (Raw) 314k
15 The New Day on Miz TV (SmackDown) 309k
16 Dolph Ziggler vs Chad Gable (Raw) 262k
17 Baron Corbin vs No Way Jose (Raw) 203k
18 Bobby Roode vs Elias (Raw) 198k
19 B-Team vs Breezango (Raw) 156k
20 Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs local competitor (SmackDown) 146k


1 Women's contract signing (Raw) 1.3m
2 Reigns vs Owens (Raw) 1.3m
3 Lashley and Zayn (Raw) 1m
4 Balor vs Strowman (Raw) 817k
5 Owens promo on Reigns (Raw) 759k
6 Reigns & Rollins vs Owens & Mahal (Raw) 653k
7 Lana vs Kay (SmackDown) 646k
8 Nakamura counts out AJ Styles (SmackDown) 633k
9 Moon vs Bliss (Raw) 531k
10 Women's MITB fatal four-way (Raw) 496k
11 Drew Gulak vs Gran Metalik (205 Live) 462k
12 Bryan vs Hardy (SmackDown) 460k
13 Almas vs local competitor (SmackDown) 427k
14 Naomi vs Deville (SmackDown) 336k
15 Breezango vs B-Team (Raw) 270k
16 Ziggler vs Gable (Raw) 243k
17 Jose vs Corbin (Raw) 221k
18 Roode vs Elias (Raw) 206k
19 Miz vs Big E (SmackDown) 201k
20 Usos vs Gallows & Anderson (SmackDown) 190k

- Well, so much for last week's theme of Ronda's title challenge promo not doing well enough. And it was her that sold the clip as Stephanie's appearance wasn't trailed in the title or thumbnail. Actually read into this what you will but this is the lowest figure a trailed in-person appearance (by which I mean being at the arena and being the focus of the segment, not doing a run-in in a Natalya match or the challenge at the upfronts) by Rousey has had on YouTube.

- Facebook only listing views to one decimal place after they cross a million views is very irritating for our purposes but as the tiebreaker we have the additional statistic of number of shares which the women comfortably won, 3.3k to 1.9k. Even level pegging, though, what a strange contrast it makes to the YouTube list as Roman's singles match has more than double the views of the tag match on the former but the other way around and more to spare on YouTube. At the risk of setting off the 'draw' argument again you can see why teaming with his former brother would give the match a boost beyond just being Roman Reigns, teased Shield reunions always do very well, but for the social media views your guess is as good as mine.

- Nothing sells like controversy so after two weeks establishing Lashley and his sisters as a plot point missing the top 20 entirely the payoff, if you can call it that, does good business on YouTube (likely going over a million by the time you read this, unless you read it the moment it's published) and outdoes a lot of more likely contenders on Facebook. Tellingly, WWE have taken down or just neglected to upload divisive segments before - Bayley This Is Your Life comes to mind, cut down to Bayley's closing attack on Alexa, and that was just a poorly written feature rather than something that got active social blowback.

- If you, like me, had the suspicion that the perennially over Bryan against the recent major face star Hardy could have done a little better on YouTube, what on earth happened on Facebook? Daniel Bryan, returning hero and WWE legend, outdrawn by Drew Gulak (on one metric, likely for one week) Meanwhile it seems the world title picture has finally caught fire after just the four matches if a supposedly non-active segment achieves that much attention.

- Finn Balor has a strange time on YouTube. He didn't catch fire after his return from injury until teaming with the Good Brothers, and that boost only lasted a few weeks. Then his MITB qualifier topped a million views within our time limit, but last week's tag match with a proven pre-Mania draw failed to achieve half that amount. A lot better this week, where it's now crossed a million views and closing in on Stephanie's return, and he's got over with the often hard to please Facebook viewers. Still, Braun was doing a lot better than this with his feats of strength.

- LANA IS THE BEST, LANA NUMBER ONE. Well, she's outdone her husband's drawing power in a regular match at any rate, and people actually seem excited about watching her win one and be cheered for it. It might be the best she's achieved since the Ziggler/Rusev/Summer angle from three years ago now - in fact it was this week in 2015 that she split from Rusev - which for all the criticism it received did consistently big viewing figures online.

- On the other side of the coin, although it did well on FB Ember vs Alexa is this week's big underachiever on YouTube - Bliss has, as often noted before, done very well when being beaten or humiliated, Ember has attracted a lot of early attention, yet it's leveled out at a figure usually attained by "creative has nothing for you" women's tag matches.

- At least it's outdone the Roode-Elias series, for which repetition is doing nothing but harm. I wondered a while ago if the attention and acclaim he was getting for his feuds against big names would set Elias up well in the longer term. Apparently not.

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