Most viewed WWE videos from Raw and SmackDown (Apr. 30 - May 1, 2018)

WWE is back from Saudi Arabia, already on the direct route to Backlash, and it's time again to see what the Universe has been latching onto via its YouTube channel and Facebook videos page.


1 Roman Reigns addresses his Greatest Royal Rumble defeat (Raw) 2.4m views as of ~5.30pm ET May 1
2 Reigns, Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Jinder Mahal (Raw) 1.5m
3 Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor (Raw) 932k
4 Shinsuke Nakamura low blows AJ Styles, again (SmackDown) 877k views as of ~5.30pm ET May 2
5 Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy on Miz TV (SmackDown) 857k
6 Orton & Hardy vs The Miz & Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown) 743k
7 Big Cass brings out "Daniel Bryan" (SmackDown) 730k
8 Natalya vs Mickie James (Raw) 610k
9 Rollins and Balor reject Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel (Raw) 602k
10 Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Asuka vs Carmella & the Iiconics (SmackDown) 541k
11 Paige splits Absolution (SmackDown) 497k
12 Baron Corbin vs No Way Jose (Raw) 398k
13 Paige adds a stipulation to the world title match at Backlash (SmackDown) 387k
14 Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott (Raw) 375k
15 Xavier Woods vs Sheamus (SmackDown) 280k
16 Bobby Roode vs Elias (Raw) 275k
17 Lana tries to get in on Rusev Day (SmackDown) 260k
18 Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt promo (Raw) 257k
19 "Mike Kanellis gets some exciting news" (Raw Fallout) 211k
20 Authors of Pain vs Jean-Paul & Francois (Raw) 207k


1 Titus' "fall" gives Jose a helping hand (Raw) 1.6m
2 Big Cass' promo (SmackDown) 1.6m
3 Six-man tag (Raw) 1m
4 Natalya vs Mickie (Raw) 903k
5 Six-woman tag (SmackDown) 789k
6 Finn, Seth, Bo and Curtis (Raw) 606k
7 Orton RKO's Jeff Hardy (SmackDown) 588k
8 Orton interrupts Miz TV (SmackDown) 565k
9 Authors of Pain (Raw) 526k
10 Samoa Joe interrupts Reigns (Raw) 474k
11 Paige announces a stipulation (SmackDown) 444k
12 Woods vs Sheamus (SmackDown) 383k
13 Rollins vs Balor (Raw) 368k
14 Samoa Joe threatens AJ Styles (SmackDown) 353k
15 Banks vs Riott (Raw) 290k
16 Lana and Rusev (SmackDown) 249k
17 Hardy & Wyatt (Raw) 201k
18 Buddy Murphy vs local competitor (205 Live) 191k
19 Roode vs Elias (Raw) 179k
20 O'Neil backstage (Raw) 163k

- The later cutoff time isn't indicative of anything, it's that I couldn't take the view count readings at the usual time this week.

- OK, let's work both these number ones out. On YouTube Roman had been struggling over the last two weeks of Joe confrontations, and from the description and thumbnail all this had to offer was a promo in front of a baying crowd... and yet it's the most watched next day figure he'd managed in 2018 so far without Brock's direct involvement, and while Braun is as we know a huge name in this metric he's not referred to in the description. Do people still feel sorry for Reigns? Did they think the controversial end to the Greatest Royal Rumble Universal title match would be addressed, or that Lesnar would show up? Did they want to wallow in the crowd's hatred?

- Titus' slip would make more sense as Facebook's biggest hit, what with that service being more approachable for memes even if it weren't the actual one, were it not for how him discussing it backstage missed the top 20. People are always slow to catch up to true artistry, it seems.

- SmackDown's renaissane continues on all important fronts, especially for the sudden interest in Big Cass. Bryan does tend to be more popular on Facebook but that title still makes clear that it wasn't the real Daniel. Hey, maybe little people are a draw.

- WWE has spent eight years trying to get Natalya over, and finally it's worked with "she's Ronda Rousey's friend". Ronda is in the thumbnail on Facebook but not YouTube. The Smackdown change of title aftershock remains visible and Paige remains popular whatever her position, but the continual putting off of the Bayley split coupled with the Riott Squad's virtual DOA status has affected Sasha's draw badly.

- That Mike Kanellis clip? He's overjoyed to learn from Mike Rome that he didn't break the record for the fastest Rumble elimination. Yeah. Why it's done so well is completely bemusing, especially outdoing Dolph & Drew, Authors Of Pain(and their heavily pushed but not watched Quebecois opponents) and Alexa. Someone asked why I hadn't counted Moment Of Bliss last week - the answer is I did, it was the second least watched TV featured video of the week, and this week it's the least watched. As longtime readers will know, Bliss only does well when losing and/or being humiliated.

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