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Kenny Omega isn’t interested in Young Bucks explanation, has no interest in watching WrestleMania

Kenny Omega had a rough weekend. He lost his match against Cody Rhodes at Supercard of Honor XII. And as if losing what was billed as the battle for leadership of Bullet Club wasn’t bad enough, he was pinned because his partners in The Elite, The Young Bucks, inadvertantly superkicked him when they were aiming for Rhodes.

We’re still waiting for follow-up to the angle (aside from some gloating from Cody and remorse from Matt Jackson). But it doesn’t sound like Omega has much follow-up in mind, other than going his own way with Golden Lovers partner Kota Ibushi:

I mean, despite Kenny’s loss, he and Ibushi were having a time this weekend, as this shot from a fan at WrestleCon clearly demonstrates:

But while trying to unwind with some gaming on Sunday night, The Cleaner reignited another long-running feud by answering some fans who wanted to tweet with him about WrestleMania 34...

To be fair, he backed off somewhat - and commented on Shinsuke Nakamura’s heel turn in a fun way that called back to their old issues over leadership of The Biz Cliz - so he was at least aware of what was going on in the Superdome on Sunday night:

But it doesn’t look like either of Omega’s long-running storylines (The Bullet Club drama or his beef with WWE and its fans) are going away any time soon.

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