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Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson explain The Young Bucks Superkicking Kenny Omega

Whether or not it’s fine, The Bullet Club’s story isn’t over.

At Supercard of Honor XII on Sat., April 7 in New Orleans, Cody Rhodes won the (or is it “a”?) battle for leadership of the faction against Kenny Omega. That outcome going in the record books is controversial enough - some folks just don’t believe a guy without five star matches should ever beat one who many label the best wrestler in the world - but how it happened is what’s going to keep fans talking. And why the story isn’t over.

One guy who thinks the story is over (or wants it to be, anyway) is heel-ishly spinning Matt and Nick Jackson inadvertantly Superkicking Omega:

Predictable, but still very good.

More from The Bucks will probably have to wait until the next Being The Elite (episode 100, curiously enough) hits YouTube, but in the meantime, it’s pretty clear from their reactions in the ring and Matt’s first tweet after the show that Cody’s interpretation is not correct...

... not the end.

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