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Cody wins battle with Kenny Omega, and The Bullet Club is not fine

Even though it was a co-main event, Kenny Omega vs. Cody for leadership of The Bullet Club didn’t main event Supercard of Honor XII in New Orleans on Sat., April 7. They did bring the big fight feel from the start, though. Cody and Brandi Rhodes dressed as literal Golden Lovers, and brought Burnard the Business Bear (Kenny would take him out early, though). Omega came in his full Cleaner persona, ready to end this.

Kenny took the fight to The American Nightmare early, and their battle featured several callbacks to the long story of Cody and Kenny, Golden Lovers and Bullet Club.

Things began to turn when Brandi tried to distact her husband’s rival, and ended up being put through a table for her trouble.

Rhodes didn’t check on his wife, focusing instead on his fight with Omega. Flip Gordon would come rescue Brandi, and the two men would trade big moves and false finishes. Cody kicked out of a V Trigger, and reversed a One-Wing Angel into a Veterbreaker, which Kenny got his shoulder up after at a count of 2.999.

Backed into the corner, the two knocked out the referee. Omega and Cody both went down shortly thereafter, and that brought out Matt and Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks decided to take things into their own hands, and seemed to decide they’d had enough of Cody’s games - they would take out Rhodes and side with their long-time friend, Kenny.

But Rhodes fell as they fired off Superkicks, and the Bucks ended up leveling Omega.

Cody rolled over and covered Kenny, then celebrated while the Jacksons looked on in shock.

Matt and Nick tried to apologize to Omega, but he shoved them away.

The Bullet Club isn’t fine. But Cody probably is.

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