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Bubba Ray just used his WWE Hall of Fame induction to turn heel in ROH, the night after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame

In an angle before the main events of Supercard of Honor XII in New Orleans on Sat., April 7, Cheeseburger emplored Bully Ray to team with him against The Dawgs.

And he did, even calling for a WASSUP head butt from Cheese on Rhett Titus.

But it was all leading to a big turn. Ray was pissed Cheeseburger would put him in that spot, and after drawing him in with the “Get the tables!” but he made famous with D-Von Dudley, Bully attacked the young babyface. Then he cut a promo on how the newer generation is wrecking the business. He even name-dropped guys like Will Ospreay and Ricochet - who debuted earlier tonight for NXT on WWE Network - then started cutting a promo about his own time on the Network last night, including producing his HoF ring and taunting Flip Gordon with it.

Yep, “I’m Bully Ray, I’m a WWE Hall of Famer and these young guys are ruining wrestling” is Bubba’s new heel gimmick in Ring of Honor.

He even invoked the Lousiana Commission Guidelines, threatening to piledrive Cheeseburger and get the show shut down before our “beloved Kenny vs. Cody”.

He was “shooting”.

Christian was right.

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