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Conor McGregor’s invasion of UFC 223 is the hottest angle of WrestleMania weekend


So about that rumored Conor McGregor WrestleMania 34 appearance? Taking a page out pro wrestling’s playbook, the UFC’s number one box office draw Conor McGregor crashed the UFC 223 media day with a whole gang of friends.

This wasn’t exactly like when DX drove a tank outside of an arena where WCW was holding Monday Nitro that night. What McGregor did today (Apr. 5), would be like if DX got inside the arena and started attacking WCW wrestlers with trash cans, a guard rail and a metal dolly cart.

Everything McGregor does, he does going 100 miles per hour. With today’s attack on a bus filled with UFC fighters, McGregor broke his own personal speed limit and may have flipped his car in the process.

McGregor out of the cage antics may have not only stolen the spotlight from UFC 223 this weekend, it may also be the best pro wrestling themed angle of WrestleMania weekend.

First up, we have McGregor sneaking into the UFC 223 media day where he was not scheduled to appear.

The main event of UFC 223 features Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is the number one contender in McGregor’s lightweight division, versus Max Holloway, who is the current UFC featherweigth champion and one-time McGregor opponent.

For context into the mind of McGregor, Nurmagomedov was involved in a separate hotel altercation lobby with McGregor’s longtime teammate, Artem Lobov, on Tuesday. Lobov was also scheduled for a fight at UFC 223 but was reportedly pulled from the card following today’s incident.

Below is McGregor attacking the bus with a dolly cart he found lying around backstage.

The next two clips are from inside the bus as McGregor continues throwing various objects at it.

Check out a recap of McGregor’s entire morning below

UFC President Dana White was not happy with his fighter.

What’s next for Conor McGregor? How does he top his own version of an ‘invasion angle’? UFC? Boxing? WWE? Who’s knows what is running through the mind of Conor McGregor at this very moment.

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