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Sermon on the Mat (Apr. 4, 2018): GCW, WildKat, Evolve, WrestleCon, Beyond, Progress, RevPro, WWN, CMLL, AAW, FCP, Revolver, CZW, Shimmer, Style Battle, HOH, Kaiju, & PCW UK cards;

Chikara, AAW, & NJPW results, and all the usual free match action

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World Wrestling Network

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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GCW Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport (April 5, 3PM Central)

  1. Dominic Garrini vs. Kyle the Beast
  2. MASADA vs. Martin Stone
  3. Eddie Kingston vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams
  4. Chris Dickinson vs. Dan “the Beast” Severn
  5. Tom Lawlor vs. WALTER
  6. Nick Gage vs. Timothy Thatcher
  7. Low-Ki vs. Matt Riddle

GCW kick off WWN’s WrestleMania weekend in style with the first of two Cool Wrestler’s Fun Show events. Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport is a shoot-style, knockout or submission victory only type event, and with Gage/Thatcher (which I’ve been waiting on since Beyond booked it back in 2015 and it fell through) and Riddle/Ki on top, how can it be anything but great?!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or (Note that while the show won’t get the Club WWN discount, you can still apply your rewards points from previous purchases on the show if you buy at WWNLive.)

WildKat Sports WrestleCon (April 5, 6PM Central)

  1. Danny Flamingo vs. Matt Lancie
  2. Rachael Ellering vs. Savannah Evans
  3. Buku Dao & Sexy Chino vs. Ryan Davidson & Shane Taylor
  4. Barrett Brown vs. Caleb Konley vs. Mike Dell
  5. Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Steve Anthony
  6. Edgrin Stone & “Hurricane” Shane Helms vs. Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews & Jared Wayne)
  7. Jace Valor vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Socorro
  8. Bestia 666 & Damien 666 vs. Luke & PJ Hawx vs. Roy Knight & Ricky Knight, Jr.
  9. Jonny Flex vs. Ken Dixon (c) (WildKat Revolution Championship)
  10. Billy Gunn vs. Bob Holly vs. J. Spade (c) vs. Stevie Richards (WildKat Heavyweight Championship)

Local New Orleans promotion WildKat Sports have the honor of kicking WrestleCon’s slate of WrestleMania weekend shows off this year and having seen a couple of their guys work for Style Battle I can tell you they’re the real deal. Especially J. Spade, who is set to defend his title in four-way action against three men with over 75 years of wrestling experience between them! So that should be a hoot, and that three-way tag is also quite special because each team is comprised of a father/son pairing.

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits WildKat’s on demand service, folks.

Evolve 102 (April 5, 8PM Central)

  1. Austin Theory vs. DJ Z
  2. Darby Allin vs. Keith Lee
  3. Catch Point (Dominic Garrini & “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams) vs. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) (c) vs. the End (Odinson & Parrow) vs. WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & James Drake) (Evolve Tag Team Championship Scramble Match)
  4. AR Fox vs. Will Ospreay
  5. Daisuke Sekimoto & Munenori Sawa vs. Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER)
  6. Matt Riddle vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) (Evolve World Championship)

I’m going to keep these Evolve capsules short and sweet since you’ll be able to read my full preview on all three shows tomorrow, but Riddle/Sabre? A Ringkampf dream tag against two of the best Japanese imports Evolve has ever had? Fox/Ospreay? Allin/Lee? Can’t miss!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or, and at 50% off if you’re a Club WWN member purchasing through WWNLive!

WrestleCon Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow (April 5, 9:30PM Central)

  1. Joey Ryan vs. ??? (Andy Kaufman Intergender Wrestling Challenge)
  2. Jeff Cobb vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  3. Joey Janela vs. Penta el Zero M

WrestleCon always play things a little close to their vest on the way to show day, so we don’t have a lot of confirmed matches as I write this, but Cobb/Ishii and Janela/Penta are both pretty swell, right? Plus we know that both Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi will be in action, although their originally scheduled match against Best Friends had to be called off after Trent? suffered his injuries at PWG.

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits the Highspots Wrestling Network ASAP, folks.

Beyond Lit Up (April 5, 11:59PM Central)

  1. Joey Ryan & Laura James vs. Rumblebees (Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee)
  2. Jonathan Gresham vs. Karen Q
  3. Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Mia Yim vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Wheeler YUTA
  4. Janelope (Joey Janela & Penelope Ford) vs. Orange Cassidy & Session Moth Martina
  5. EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik) vs. Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto)
  6. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) vs. Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa)
  7. Timothy Thatcher vs. Toni Storm
  8. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Matt Riddle
  9. Kimber Lee vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) ( Independent Wrestling Championship)

Beyond’s Mania weekend show this year is something that’s been brewing in Denver Colorado’s (the man, not the place) head for a long time now-- all intergender action! And with a pair of matches like Thatcher/Storm and Purrazzo/Riddle as the centerpieces of the show, well... I’m leaning on it a bit hard this week, folks, but do I really have to sell this any harder? How about the newest addition to the card, Kimber “Abbey Laith” Lee’s triumphant return to Beyond against Hot Sauce with the title on the line?!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or (Note that while the show won’t get the Club WWN discount, you can still apply your rewards points from previous purchases on the show if you buy at WWNLive.)

Progress Chapter 66: Mardi Graps (April 6, 12PM Central)

  1. Jinny & Mercedes Martinez vs. Shazza McKenzie & Toni Storm
  2. Mark Andrews vs. “Flash” Morgan Webster vs. Pete Dunne
  3. Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) vs. Sexy Starr (David Starr & Jack Sexsmith)
  4. Mark Haskins vs. Will Ospreay
  5. Jimmy Havoc vs. Matt Riddle
  6. Austin Theory vs. Chris Brookes vs. Darby Allin vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Joey Janela vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Parrow Rickey Shane Page (Thunderbastard Match)
  7. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) (c) vs. Moustache Mountain (Progress Tag Team Championship)
  8. Shane Strickland vs. Travis Banks (c) (Progress World Championship)

Progress return to the United States for Mania weekend and they’ve got a hell of a lineup here for the first of two shows. A Thunderbastard comprised almost entirely of US talent, Pete Dunne’s only indie appearance of the weekend, a singles rematch of the excellent Strickland/Callihan vs. South Pacific Power Trip match from last year, and perhaps with the most potential to echo on down the line, if Moustache Mountain don’t regain the tag titles here, they’re barred for challenging for them for six months.

Get your tickets here or wait for the show to go up on Demand Progress, folks.

Evolve 103 (April 6, 4PM Central)

  1. Dominic Garrini vs. Timothy Thatcher
  2. AR Fox vs. DJ Z vs. Jason Kincaid vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams
  3. Austin Theory vs. Keith Lee
  4. Darby Allin vs. WALTER (Evolve vs. the World)
  5. Jaka vs. Munenori Sawa (Evolve vs. the World)
  6. Chris Dickinson vs. Travis Banks (Evolve vs. the World)
  7. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Matt Riddle (Evolve vs. the World)

Evolve 103 is built around a quadrilogy of Evolve vs. the World matches and all of them look pretty great. Allin vs. WALTER, continuing Darby’s seeming heavyweight death wish? Jaka getting a chance to follow up proving his mettle against Zack Sabre, Jr. with a match against BattlArts legend Munenori Sawa? Dickinson and Banks in a partial rematch of last year’s Doom Patrol/South Pacific Power Trip tour de force? And of course, Riddle/Sekimoto barely needs any hype. But even with all that, the match I’m most excited about here is Thatcher/Garrini.

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or, and at 50% off if you’re a Club WWN member purchasing through WWNLive!

RPW WrestleCon 2018 (April 6, 4PM Central)

  1. Adam Brooks vs. Brian Cage
  2. David Starr vs. Martin Stone
  3. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson
  4. Jeff Cobb vs. Minoru Suzuki
  5. Chaos (Chuck Taylor, Rocky Romero, & Will Ospreay) vs. Flip Gordon, Kota Ibushi, & Shane Strickland
  6. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) (RPW British Heavyweight Championship)

RevPro are once again bringing the heat to WrestleMania weekend and this time they’ve got a gaggle of top New Japan guys in. Bringing Ishii in for the rubber match against Zack Sabre, Jr. would have been enough for a great-looking show by itself, but then you look at more of the card and they’ve got Cobb vs. Suzuki in a match that should show off Jeff’s grappling skills, Aussie Open vs. Ace Juice, and then just look at that trios match! How are Flip and Kota gonna get along when Gordon believes the earth is flat and Ibushi wants to wrestle on the moon?!

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits RPW On Demand, folks.

WWN Mercury Rising 2018 (April 6, 8PM Central)

  1. Holidead vs. LuFisto (c) (Shine Championship)
  2. Austin Theory, Travis Banks, & Zachary Wentz vs. Darby Allin, DJ Z, & Trey Miguel
  3. Matt Riddle vs. Will Ospreay
  4. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) (c) vs. Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) (Evolve Tag Team Championship)
  5. Munenori Sawa vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) (Evolve World Championship)
  6. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Keith Lee (c) (WWN Championship)

And here it is, the biggest show of WWN’s calendar year! The six-man tradition continues with a lineup of stars that will lead indie wrestling in the near future, Sekimoto and Lee have a HOSS FIGHT for the WWN title, Ringkampf get a shot against Doom Patrol, and most excitingly, ZSJ and Sawa in what you have to look at as the closest thing to a reprise of Bryan Danielson’s match against Sawa at Evolve 5 that you can get now that Bryan has been cleared for WWE again.

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or, and at 50% off if you’re a Club WWN member purchasing through WWNLive!

CMLL Super Viernes (April 6, 9:30PM Eastern)

  1. Astral & Electrico vs. Cancerbero & Raziel
  2. Disturbio, Misterioso, & Sagrado vs. Drone, Fuego, & Triton
  3. La Peste Negra (Barbaro Cavernario, El Felino, & Negro Casas) vs. Kawato San, Okumura, & Sam Adonis
  4. El Valiente vs. Stuka, Jr. (Lightning Match)
  5. Dragon Lee, Mistico, & Titan vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia, Gran Guerrero, & Ultimo Guerrero)
  6. Atlantis, Caristico, & Volador, Jr. vs. Kraneo & Los Ingobernables (Bestia del Ring & Rush)

You didn’t think CMLL would leave you hanging just because it’s WrestleMania weekend, did you?! They’re at it again with the usual Friday night dose of lucha libre action and, I mean, the Peste Negra and Laguneros trios matches especially look fun here. If you’re not cozied up with an indie stream or the WWE Hall of Fame, why not spend your Friday night giving CMLL a shot, folks?

Check it out, as always, free for nothin' on... Claro actually just refreshed their website and my old saved links don’t work anymore, so just keep an eye on luchablog’s Twitter feed on Friday night if you want to watch this one, eh?

GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break II (April 6, 11:59PM Central)

  1. The Second Annual Clusterf#&%
  2. Pierre Carl Ouellet vs. WALTER
  3. James Ellsworth vs. Matt Riddle
  4. Nick Gage vs. Penta el Zero M
  5. David Starr vs. “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush
  6. Great Sasuke vs. Joey Janela

The most exciting and craziest show of last year is back, baby! This time around, Joey has a match against legendary wildman Great Sasuke lined up for himself, David Starr gets his utmost dream match against Mike Quackenbush, Nick Gage and Penta el Zero M are gonna have a brawl to end all brawls, PCO and WALTER have a technical hybrid HOSS FIGHT lined up, Riddle takes on the chinless wonder, the Clusterf#&% is back... You don’t want to miss this one, folks.

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or (Note that while the show won’t get the Club WWN discount, you can still apply your rewards points from previous purchases on the show if you buy at WWNLive.)

AAW / Fight Club Pro / Wrestling Revolver Pancakes & Piledrivers 2018 (April 7, 11AM Central)

  1. Open Invite Scramble Match
  2. Eddie Kingston vs. Juice Robinson
  3. Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa vs. Joey Ryan & Session Moth Martina
  4. Jessicka Havok vs. Kimber Lee vs. Meiko Satomura
  5. Shane Strickland vs. Jeff Cobb
  6. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix)
  7. AR Fox, Brian Cage, & Joey Janela vs. OI4K (Dave Crist, Jake Crist, & Sami Callihan) (Tornado Tag Team Match)
  8. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) (c) vs. the Rascals (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) (AAW / Revolver Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)
  9. ACH (c) vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Heavyweight Championship)

Everybody’s favorite early call breakfast food oriented Mania weekend wrestling show is back! And this year, because it’s being held in conjunction with AAW and Fight Club: Pro, it’s bigger than ever, featuring a pair of title defenses, a rare US appearance from Meiko Satomura (against Jessicka Havok and a returning Kimber Lee, no less!), and, perhaps most exciting and/or bafflingly, the wrestling debut of comedian Marty DeRosa in a tag team match with his pal Colt Cabana against the unique team of Joey Ryan and the Session Moth!

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits the Highspots Wrestling Network, folks.

Progress Chapter 67: Bourbon Is Also a Biscuit (April 7, 12PM Central)

  1. Chris Brookes vs. Rey Horus
  2. Austin Theory vs. Will Ospreay
  3. WALTER vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (Progress World Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Card details are still coming in as I write this early in the week, folks, but whatever else comes along, do you really need more to be excited for besides WALTER vs. ZSJ with a shot at the world title on the line?

Get your tickets here or wait for the show to go up on Demand Progress, folks.

CZW Welcome to the Combat Zone (April 7, 3PM Central)

  1. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? Open Scramble Match
  2. David Starr vs. Juice Robinson
  3. Ace Romero vs. Adam Brooks vs. Jason Cade vs. Zachary Wentz
  4. Jeff Cobb vs. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy
  5. OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Bandido & Flamita
  6. Dezmond Xavier vs. Will Ospreay
  7. Joey Ryan & Laura James vs. Janelope (Joey Janela & Penelope Ford)
  8. ”All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Rickey Shane Page (c) (CZW World Heavyweight Championship)

CZW aren’t ones to be left out of the fun and they’ve got quite a slate lined up themselves. Two Pages doing battle for the world title on top, a mystery scramble, a pair of New Japan challenge matches in Xavier/Ospreay and Robinson/Starr, OI4K against two top lucha prospects... there’s a little bit of everything except for CZW’s traditional ultraviolence here, owing to Louisiana’s no blood policy, folks.

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits CZW Studios.

Shimmer 100 (April 7, 4PM Central)

  1. Britt Baker & Chelsea Green vs. Charli Evans & Jessica Troy
  2. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Shotzi Blackheart
  3. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Madison Eagles
  4. Nicole Matthews vs. Toni Storm
  5. Delilah Doom & Leva Bates (c) vs. Hudson Envy & LuFisto (Shimmer Tag Team Championship)
  6. Shazza McKenzie (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard (Heart of Shimmer Championship)
  7. Mercedes Martinez vs. Nicole Savoy (c) (Shimmer Championship)

Talk about some timing! Shimmer’s 100th volume coinciding with their annual iPPV tradition is a hell of a thing, folks. This year we’ve got a full slate of title defenses, and a pair of definitive dream matches in Purrazzo/Eagles and Storm/Matthews. It’s your only chance to see Shimmer promptly given the DVD delay, so jump on it!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or (Note that while the show won’t get the Club WWN discount, you can still apply your rewards points from previous purchases on the show if you buy at WWNLive.)

Style Battle Season 1 Finale (April 7, 8PM Central)

  1. Anthony Henry vs. Jason Kincaid (Style Battle Season 1 Finale Bracket B First Round Match)
  2. Darby Allin vs. Tracer X (Style Battle Season 1 Finale Bracket B First Round Match)
  3. Dave Crist vs. Matt Riddle (Style Battle Season 1 Finale Bracket A First Round Match)
  4. Keith Lee vs. Nick Gage (Style Battle Season 1 Finale Bracket A First Round Match)
  5. Matt Knicks & Stevie Fierce vs. Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews & Jared Wayne)
  6. Style Battle Season 1 Finale Semifinals & Finals

So Fred Yehi was forced out due to not agreeing to a new contract, and Jon Davis couldn’t make this show, but given the scope and ambition of Style Battle, six out of eight finalists making it to New Orleans ain’t bad, folks. Especially not given that their replacements are WWN Champion Keith Lee and ultraviolent legend Nick Gage!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or, and at 50% off if you’re a Club WWN member purchasing through WWNLive!

House of Hardcore 40 (April 7, “One hour after NXT TakeOver: New Orleans”)

  1. Alex Reynolds vs. Hornswoggle (HOH Championship Tournament Semifinals)
  2. Killer Kross vs. Willie Mack (HOH Championship Tournament Semifinals)
  3. Austin Aries vs. Brian Cage
  4. Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) & ??? vs. Spirit Squad (Kenny, Mikey, & ???)
  5. Billy Gunn & Tommy Dreamer vs. Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith, Jr. & Lance Archer) (Bourbon Street Fight)
  6. Sami Callihan vs. ??? vs. ??? (HOH Championship Tournament Finals)

House of Hardcore are coming to WrestleMania weekend and they’re finishing up their TV Championship tournament! Five men remain, and only one can be champion, but two factors complicate things-- one, Sami Callihan gets to go straight to the finals, and two, ECW legend Jerry Lynn is your special guest referee! Plus a pair of wild dream tags and Aries vs. Cage? Sounds good to me!

Get your tickets here or check it out live on, folks.

Kaiju Big Battel Live and Let Die (April 7, 11:59PM Central)

  1. Dusto Bunny vs. Gambling Bug (Australian Rules Front Pin Stipulation Match)
  2. #13 (c) vs. Unicorn Party (Kaiju Grand Championship)

Last but not least on WWN’s Mania weekend lineup, the wackiest show of the weekend, Kaiju Big Battel! Only two matches have been officially announced, and I’m not sure what an Australian Rules Front Pin Stipulation Match is, but I know it’s fun!

Get your tickets here or buy the iPPV on FITE TV or (Note that while the show won’t get the Club WWN discount, you can still apply your rewards points from previous purchases on the show if you buy at WWNLive.)

PCW UK Who Dares Wins 2018 (April 8, 5:30PM GMT)

  1. Nightshade vs. Rhio (c) vs. Viper (PCW UK Women’s Championship)
  2. Kings of Leon (Lionheart & Sha Samuels) vs. NAK (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) vs. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) vs. Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone) (c) (PCW UK Tag Team Championship)
  3. 30-Man Who Dares Wins Battle Royal

It wouldn’t be a modern-day WrestleMania weekend if SOMEBODY wasn’t running a Sunday morning show, and that somebody is PCW UK! Coming at you from their home base of Preston, England, we don’t have a complete card, but with a pair of title defenses and a royal rumble it sounds like the perfect way to warm up for WrestleMania, assuming you’re not completely sick of the graps by then, of course.

Get your tickets here or check it out live on, folks.

Free matches here!

Johnny Gargano, Kota Ibushi, & TJ Perkins vs. Marty Scurll, Tommy End, & Will Ospreay

In light of it being WrestleMania weekend and all, the fine folks over at the World Wrestling Network have put Mercury Rising 2016’s main event up. Billed as a Days of Future Past six-man tag, the team of Ibushi, Gargano, and Perkins all appeared at Evolve 1, while Scurll, End, and Ospreay were a new generation to contrast them. It’s a hell of match, don’t miss it!

Matt Riddle vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Before he wrestles Johnny Gargano in an unsanctioned match at TakeOver: New Orleans, let’s take a look at this match that Beyond have uploaded from the Sicilian Psychopath. He’s up against the King of Bros, the man that Johnny Wrestling passed the torch to when he left Evolve to be full-time in WWE, check it out!

Air Wolf vs. Cam Zagami vs. Eli Isom vs. Geddy Cahoon

Some first round Young Lions Cup action from Chikara to finish us off this week, four up-and-comers here, vying for the cup and your attention. Take ten minutes and find a new favorite, folks-- Enjoy!


Chikara Young Lions Cup XIV - 2nd Stage (March 31)

  1. Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream, Jr.) over the Nouveau Aesthetic (Still Life With Apricots and Pears & Ursa Minor in the Night Sky) to qualify for Tag World Grand Prix 2018
  2. Cornelius Crummels, Merlok, Oceanea, & Sonny Defarge over Green Ant, Rumblebees (Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee), & Thief Ant
  3. Juan Francisco de Coronado (c) over Ophidian to retain the Chikara Grand Championship
  4. Xyberhawx 2000 (Nytehawk & Razerhawk) over Anthony Greene & DL Hurst
  5. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti) over Legion of Rot (Frightmare & Hallowicked) to qualify for Tag World Grand Prix 2018
  6. Cam Zagami over Omari to win the Chikara Young Lions Cup (Young Lions Cup XIV Finals)
  7. Officer Warren Barksdale over Rory Gulak

Tag World Grand Prix continues to fill out with longtime Chikara stalwarts Los Ice Creams and the Throwbacks joining the field, the Coronado Clutch continues choking contenders out, and northeastern standout Cam Zagami just managed to edge UK grappler Omari out and take the Young Lions Cup home in the tournament finals.

Check it out on Chikaratopia, folks.

AAW Path of Redemption (March 31)

  1. Juntai over Andy Dalton
  2. Scarlett Bordeaux over Kylie Rae
  3. AR Fox & Myron Reed over Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel
  4. Eddie Kingston over Jimmy Jacobs
  5. Jessicka Havok (c) over Ivelisse to retain the AAW Women’s Championship
  6. Trevor Lee (c) over Moose and Shane Strickland to retain the AAW Heritage Championship
  7. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) (c) over Curt Stallion & Jake Something to retain the AAW Tag Team Championship
  8. PACO wins the Heritage Rumble to become #1 contender to the AAW Heritage Championship
  9. ACH (c) over Keith Lee to retain the AAW Heavyweight Championship

David Starr unfortunately had to step out of his bookings this weekend due to injury, but AAW rolled with the punches and WRSTLING stood strong even in his absence with victories over Jimmy Jacobs, Moose, and Shane Strickland. But the horizon isn’t clear, because PACO is coming out of the Heritage Rumble with momentum on his side and gunning right for Trevor Lee’s title.

Check it out when it hits Smart Mark Video and Highspots, folks.

NJPW Sakura Genesis 2018 (April 1)

  1. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) over Bullet Club (Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi)
  2. Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) over Suzuki-gun (Taichi & Takashi Iizuka)
  3. Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, & Tanga Loa) (c) over Taguchi Japan (Michael Elgin, Ryusuke Taguchi, & Togi Makabe)to retain the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship
  4. David Finlay, Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Juice Robinson over Chaos (Hirooki Goto, “Switchblade” Jay White, & YOSHI-HASHI)
  5. Suzuki-gun (Davey Boy Smith, Jr., Lance Archer, & Minoru Suzuki) over Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA, & Tetsuya Naito)
  6. Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) over Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi) and Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
  7. Will Ospreay (c) over Marty Scurll to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
  8. Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes & Hangman Page) over Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi)
  9. Kazuchika Okada (c) over Zack Sabre, Jr. to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

As always with New Japan here in Sermon I’m mainly posting these to point you to my match recommendations if you missed them, but suffice it to say, the final three matches are a hell of a set and you absolutely need to go check them out if you haven’t yet.

You can do so on NJPW World, if you will.

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, Impact, ROH, or any other "big-time" pro wrestling, there's something out there for you. There's a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you'd never be able to love it again. It's there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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