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It sure sounds like Chris Jericho is done with New Japan

New Japan Pro-Wrestling on YouTube

You can never know with old Y2Jizzle (yeah, that’s not just wrong when Shawn Michaels does it with his nickname... it’s always wrong). Chris Jericho lives to misdirect. Heck, the ESPN article which provides the quote this post is built around points out “a YouTube search of ‘Chris Jericho WWE return’ produces five different Jericho surprise appearances” - meaning the Fozzy frontman is very good at zigging when we think he’s gonna zag.

But the months of quiet regarding Jericho and New Japan after he attacked Tetsuya Naito at New Year Dash!! following his match of the night candidate with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom seems telling. It makes it seem his tweet claiming he was “unfortunately” done with the promotion might have been... Jericho telling the truth!?!?

Here’s what he told ESPN when they brought up his breaking off communication with NJPW:

“Things change. That’s how it goes. Sometimes things seem like a good idea at the time, and then when you look at it a little bit deeper and a little bit further, you realize it’s not gonna go the way you want it to go.”

There’s a chance we’re being worked to make it an even bigger surprise when Y2J appears at New Japan’s next U.S. shows in San Francisco this July. But with his being back in the WWE fold for Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday (April 27) and with a cruise to prep for this fall... I think we may have to believe him this time.

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