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Cody Rhodes does not have time for Twitter criticism from WCW veterans

Well, this escalated quickly...

On New Japan’s Sakura Genesis, a show where Will Ospreay tried a move that resulted in his landing on his head and being questionable for his WrestleMania week bookings, Cody Rhodes also caught a kick from Kenny Omega which left his with a nasty cut above his eye. Both incidents reached Glenn “Disco Inferno” Gilbertti via Twitter. The former WCW performer and TNA agent, now a regular on Konnan’s Jericho Network podcast, Keepin It 100, used both as examples of what he sees as a trend toward unsafe work in the ring:

Cody caught wind of this and... was not having it:

The “killing the business” argument between old school workers and the current generation can be an interesting one - but is usually just used by both sides to promote themselves. Which is what the business is all about, but it doesn’t settle any debates.

Expect the same here. Disco isn’t backing down and is teasing follow-up on Keepin It 100. Cody will work a packed house on Saturday night in New Orleans, that this little Twitter beef reminds us all about once again.

Pro wrestling, everybody!

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