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Take that, John Cena! Rey Mysterio is a real Free Agent

Finally getting revenge for that July, 2011 night when John Cena beat him for the WWE Title on Raw hours after he won it in a tournament (kind of... this was the Summer of Punk, and the Straight-Edge Superstar had the real/another version of the belt in his Chicago fridge with some Diet Pepsis at the time), Rey Mysterio is out here showing the wrestling world what a real free agent looks like.

Rey is reportedly coming back to WWE for Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia later this month. Whether that will finally lead to a longer-term return to the company remains to be seen, but it certainly won’t be an immediate one.

In addition to his “non-exclusive” contract and shareholder position with Aro Lucha, and a promise to return to New Japan to make up for having to pull out of his Strong Style Evolved match with Jushin Liger, Mysterio is heading back to Mexico for a show with AAA in June:

Take that “Free Agent” John Cena.

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