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Angelico and Jack Evans say goodbye to Lucha Underground

Being a fan of Lucha Underground is like riding a roller coaster. Fresh off the high of learning season four will premiere June 13, news broke that lowers the mood.

Angelico and Jack Evans officially announced they have parted ways with Lucha Underground. Angelico made the initial statement.

Jack Evans tagged in to make his status official as well.

Based on Angelico’s phrasing, it seems like he wasn’t used for season four. If so, then that is a shame. I was looking forward to a big-time feud with Johnny Mundo. Or at least one main event match between the two. Angelico needs to cash in payback for having his leg broken with a car door. Perhaps they can renew the rivalry in a different promotion.

Evans, on the other hand, will be on screen for a bit. Hopefully, that bit includes arguing with Ivelisse over the moniker, “Baddest Bitch in the Building.”

Time will tell if they were able to film one last segment explaining their departure or (gasp) future death. If not, onto the ‘missing’ wall they go.

If they do get murdered, who do you think will be the culprit?

Which were you favorite Lucha Underground moments involving Angelico and Jack Evans? Where would you like to see them wrestle next? Solo or reform as the three-time AAA World Tag Team Championship winning Los Güeros del Cielo? Any dream matches?

Best of luck to the duo. Thanks for the good times in the Temple.

Shout out to Signor for mentioning the news in the comments about the June 13!!! season four premiere.

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