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‘Being The Elite’ is over

In the sense that it’s very popular with wrestling fans. Is episode 100 the end of the show though?

Even as Matt and Nick Jackson headed to the ring during Sat., April 7’s Supercard of Honor XII’s co-main event between Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes, Ring of Honor (ROH) announcers Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni mentioned that Being The Elite cameras were following The Young Bucks duo.

Episode 100 of that YouTube series is here. And in addition to giving us the entire finish of Kenny vs. Cody for leadership of the Bullet Club, the edition entitled “Finale” follows up on the events of the weekend and a ton of long-running gags and plot threads from BTE, like...

  • Have The Bucks accepted Flip Gordon?
  • Whatever happened to “FTR” (the shade!), and did anyone really get “FTRR”?
  • Could Marty Scurll really freeze the other cast members, and what’s up with The Elite’s musical career?
  • What led Omega to decide he didn’t care about Matt and Nick’s explanation for superkicking him at Supercard?
  • Did Cody ever check on his concussed wife, Brandi, after Kenny inadvertantly kneed her off the apron and through a table on Saturday?

The big question the entire gang has at the end of the episode is “Is Being The Elite over?” And it’s the question you’ll have to.

The story definitely isn’t over, even if Joey Ryan’s life might be. There’s a show on Sept. 1 to sellout. But will the adventures of Flip, Hangman, Matt, Mrs. Matt, Nick, Kenny, Kota, Marty, Bury, Burnard, Cody and the rest of the cast continue in a different form?

Is Being The Elite over?

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