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Kenny Omega dressed up as a bear to attack Cody at Ring of Honor’s 16th Anniversary as Bullet Club drama continues

The issues between Cody and Kenny Omega are so personal that Kenny dressed up as Bury the Drug Free Bear to attack him.


Cody had a match tonight (Mar. 9) at Ring of Honor’s 16th Anniversary show with Matt Taven but the rest of the Kingdom took out the Young Bucks earlier in the evening, making sure Cody was on his own. The former ROH champion didn’t come alone though. He showed up with his wife Brandi Rhodes and Bury the Drug Free Bear.

That ended up biting him in the rear.

Cody won the match against Taven, but after match, Bury shoved him and took off the bear head to reveal himself to be Kenny Omega! He then delivered a furry V-Trigger to Cody!

Brandi got into the face of Kenny and then planted an unwanted kiss on him before leaving.

Cody and Kenny will settle their personal issues, which started about who runs the Bullet Club but got more personal when Cody started targeting Kenny’s relationship with his Golden Lovers partner Kota Ibushi.

They will settle their differences at Supercard of Honor XII in New Orleans in a month’s time (April 7).

You can find the results of the 16th Anniversary show here.

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