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The Rock takes an ‘L’ with class

It would be pretty easy for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to kick back and bask in the amazing success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (currently sitting at $930 million at the worldwide box office, 44th all-time). But then he wouldn’t be living up to his “Stay hungry, Stay humble” mantra.

So he took some time out from counting his money and getting ready to promote Rampage (now opening on April 13 - a week early thanks to those darn Avengers!) to accept his Razzie Award for “Movie So Rotten You Loved It”.

The Razzies - or “Golden Raspberry Awards” - are a celebration of Hollywood’s worst... basically the flip side of The Oscars. They’re not as good as The Mizzies, of course, but they’re pretty fun, especially when the celebrities and artists who laid eggs during the year “own their bad”, as the Razzies say.

Baywatch was the rare misfire for Team Rock and, well, he knows it. So here’s The Great One owning his bad:

It’s almost like he had a long career laughing off crappy creative misfires before he headed to Hollywood or something...

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