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Josh Mathews was just handed an Impact championship

Tonight (Mar. 15), on Impact Wrestling, announcer Josh Mathews became the Impact Grand Champion.

He didn’t win it. No. He was just handed the title.

For weeks, Matt Sydal has been prattling on and on and on about a spiritual advisor who has “opened his third eye” and helped “center his chi” to help him find success. And as annoying as that sounds, Matt Sydal used his new found focus to win both the Grand Championship and X Division championship.

Tonight, he promised to reveal his spiritual adviser. It was Josh Mathews.

The crowd immediately showered Mathews with boos, which he responded with “Shut up! I’m enlightened now!”

Then he gave his student a gift, which was a weird animal mask. Apparently, that’s Matt Sydal’s spirit animal or something. To return the favor, Sydal gave Guru Mathews his Grand Championship.

Apparently that was enough for Impact because they tweeted it was official.

So now we’ve got the ever annoying Matt Sydal who won’t stop rambling about his third eye and his even more annoying spiritual guide Josh Mathews who was just given a title he didn’t earn.

Man, I’m going to enjoy booing these two for the foreseeable future.

You can find all of the results to Impact here.

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