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John Cena and Blue’s Clues: An in-depth investigation

16 time WWE World champion John Cena is not only in the calling-out-Undertaker business. He’s also partnered up in a big way with Nickelodeon. He’s got a second straight year of hosting their Kids’ Choice Awards, a voice acting role in their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and a game show he’s producing on deck for the children’s network.

So when he donned a green striped shirt at their upfront event last week, people got excited about him possibly hosting a new version of Blue’s Clues:

And when I say “people”, I mean... mostly Twitter and But with even Cena fanning the flames on his alway troll-ish Instagram...

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

It all got original Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns riled up. Steve wanted to fight for the job. Maybe hang that shirt from a pole?

That forced Nick to try and come up with a solution which worked for everyone:

Sadly, it seems the whole thing was a work... or to skip the wrestling talk, just a comedy sketch for the assembled advertisers at the Mar. 6 upfronts. AdWeek has confirmed as much, both with attendees of the event at New York’s Palace Theater and Nickelodeon execs.

But there will be a new Blue’s Clues, and there’s a casting call for the role of host next month in Burbank, California. Maybe the Free Agent can audition?

And fans can look forward to Cena in, among other things, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as Baron Draxum:

It’s no blue dog, but it’s pretty cool.

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