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WWE, Matt Hardy’s character comment on Jeff Hardy’s arrest

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Regarding Jeff Hardy’s arrest on the night of Saturday, Mar. 10 for driving while impaired, WWE issued the following statement:

“Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials.”

Aside from the name, it’s identical to the statement the company made after Jey Uso was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Texas this past January.

Hardy’s older brother Matt also tweeted shortly after news broke of Jeff’s situation. It certainly appears to be in reference to the incident in Concord, North Carolina where his sibling and tag partner was arrested after the single car crash of his 2016 Cadillac CTS-V sedan, as well as both Hardys history of substance abuse issues, but it’s also in character as “Woken Matt”:

The elder Hardy’s tweet has led to some fans hoping Jeff’s arrest is a “work”, but the official arrest and accident reports, mug shot, etc. are not something which can be kayfabed. It’s possible it could be used as part of a storyline, at least online. WWE probably won’t want to call attention to Jeff’s history with drugs and alcohol, even if this is a one-time incident or there’s another explanation for what happened.

Another persistant bit of speculation which has emerged is that the accident and arrest could have been related to something other than the police’s suspicion Jeff was intoxicated, e.g. it could have been more of a distracted driving charge based on Hardy’s documented use of cell phone cameras while driving on Saturday. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety website focuses its entire section on “Driving While Impaired” on intoxication. A belief he was driving dangerously but in a sober condition would likely result in a charge of reckless driving. The suspension of Jeff’s driver’s license reported by PWInsider is consistent with someone who refused to take a field sobriety test, which could indicate his defense will center on his not being intoxicated - but that’s just more speculation.

UPDATE: TMZ reports police documents they’ve seen say Jeff did take a breathalyzer and his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .25 - more than three times the legal limit in North Carolina.

It’s crucial to note Hardy has not been convicted of any crime, and until more information comes out from Jeff, his legal counsel or the state, or the court reaches a decision after his schedule April 16 appearance, everyone is just speculating or offering opinion.

Stay tuned.