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Nexus reunion? Nexus reunion!

It’s been a good week for fans of the Nexus, WWE’s stable made up mostly of “competitors” from the first season of the faux-reality competition version of NXT.

Original leader and “New Nexus” leaders Stu “Wade Barrett” Bennett and CM Punk got a gig hosting the new season of Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix, and now Chikara has announced the team of PJ Black (Justin Gabriel), Fred Rosser (Darren Young) and Tyrone Evans (Michael Tarver) as “The Nexus Alliance” for this year’s King of Trios tournament.

Chikara’s been known to dip into WWE nostalgia for their annual six-man tag tourney. 2016 gave us a “Divas Revolution” team of Mickie James, Victoria & Jazz. The bWo was in it the year before that.

This is still pretty wild, though. And, who knows? If WWE doesn’t clear him, and Cody and The Bucks don’t book him for that weekend, maybe Bryan Danielson can show up and manage his old stable-mates on Memorial Labor Day weekend (Aug. 31 - Sept. 2)?

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