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Enjoy a classic Johnny Mundo promo clowning Vampiro

There is nothing fake about Johnny Mundo, unlike those two jabronis, Dr. Wagner Jr. (a.k.a. Rey Wagner) and Vampiro.

If, like me, you’ve been out of the lucha libre loop since the conclusion of Lucha Underground’s season three, here is a quick summary leading up to today.

Back then, Johnny Mundo was AAA triple champ and feuding with authority figure Vampiro. Research tells me Mundo had a tough night last October at Héroes Inmortales XI. He lost the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship in a ten-way match and also lost the AAA Latin American Championship in a battle royal. That sure seems like butthead match booking from Vampiro.

The night finished on a high note for Johntourage members as Mundo successfully defended the AAA Mega Championship against Dr. Wagner Jr.

Fast forward to current time. While flipping the TV channels, I discovered AAA is now being shown on the Space channel in Mexico. The first half of the recently taped Guerra de Titanes event was featured. An AAA Mega Championship rematch between Mundo and Wagner is a top bout for the second half of the card.

(Side note: Despite bad blood, Taya was still in the show’s opening package. Make of that what you will. Could be something, could be nothing.)

Enough with the story set up, let’s get to the fiery promo of Johnny Mundo sharing his thoughts to promote the Guerra de Titanes match.

Classic Mundo with choice lines like Wagner’s coats looking like chupacabra knockoffs. When I first saw Wagner’s coat, I thought he looked pretty fly. Now viewing a side-by-side comparison, I can’t necessarily disagree with Mundo.

Turns out Dr Wagner is a big Johnny Mundo fan

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Mundo then broke kayfabe by revealing Dr. Wagner Jr. is not actually a doctor and Vampiro is not actually a vampire! Mundo continued dropping Boone bombs. “Vampiro, he wants us to think he’s a vampire? He wants us to think he’s sucking blood? The only thing that fata** is sucking down is root beer floats and chocolate shakes.” Mundo’s brand of humor slays me every time.

I had no idea this match was taking place/already took place, but Mundo sold me all the way in. I couldn’t ask anything more from a promo. To the point, humorous, passionate, and best of all is I’m now looking forward to the Mega Championship fight.

I assume it will air on Space next weekend (I’m guessing Sat, Feb 10 at 6:30pm CT). Most of you reading probably don’t have Space. You can keep tabs on the AAA YouTube channel for whenever they post the match between Johnny Mundo and Dr. Wagner Jr.

One final thought. I’m loving the feud between Johnny Mundo and Vampiro. I’ve only seen a couple of promos, and each one has Mundo hilariously ripping Vampiro to shreds. If I had to bet, I’d wager that they will clash at Triplemania. Vampiro has been rumbling in the ring lately as a participant in the Lucha Libre World Cup. I’ve yet to watch it, and I’m curious to see how Vampiro looks.

Did Johnny Mundo’s promo sell you on the AAA Mega Championship fight? Are you interested in chingonsisimo Johnny Mundo vs milkshake sucking Vampiro as a Triplemania draw?

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