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Ring of Honor announces details of their streaming service, HonorClub

Who’s ready for another wrestling “channel”?

Joining WWE Network, NJPW World, Anthem’s Global Wrestling Network,, Demand Progress, CHIKARAtopia - and probably a few others I’m forgetting about - is HonorClub, a streaming service soon to debut from Ring of Honor (ROH).

The Sinclair Broadcasting-owned promotion revealed plans to jump into the increasingly crowded market just a few months ago. While the official announcement is lacking a couple key piece of information in the launch date, you have to think the timing is such that they’d like to have their big WrestleMania weekend show and Supercard of Honor XII’s buzzed about headlining match as a lure for people to sign-up come April 7.

Here’s what they’re telling us about HonorClub right now, including pricing information, courtesy of

Ring of Honor is proud to officially announce HonorClub.

With the imminent launch of HonorClub, the Ringside Membership will be deprecated to make way for this new and improved HonorClub. In addition to live streaming ROH Pay Per Views and On Tour events, and a vast on demand library, HonorClub will be the destination to connect wrestling fans with exclusive content, offers, and more.


Ring of Honor will begin live streaming ROH On Tour events! Live events will also be accessible anytime as part of the VOD library which also includes complete access to the ROH TV Archive, and the VOD Vault containing historical events, compilations, interviews, and more. Standard Memberships will include a 50% discount on ROH’s major Pay Per Views when bought digitally, however an Annual VIP Membership will include all Pay Per Views for FREE!


HonorClub memberships also include exclusive access to all ROH event ticket pre-sales and 15% off all ROH-branded products in the ROH Pro Shop, in addition to any other discounts or sales. Many fans have also asked about the ROH Forum, and even though there is a large world of social media, there is nothing like having an intimate ROH community to engage with. The ROH Forum returns as an exclusive to HonorClub members!


Ringside Members will automatically become an HonorClub member until their subscription expires. At that time, previous members can decide how they would like to proceed with their HonorClub membership. The various plans will include both monthly and annual options for the Standard Membership. Fans can choose whether they would like to pay $9.99 per month or a discounted $99.99 for the entire year. However, for the ultimate Ring of Honor experience, fans will have the option to purchase an Annual VIP membership for just $119.99. This package includes all of the wonderful features of the Standard Membership, but it also gives you free access to all ROH Pay Per Views!


At initial launch, HonorClub will be available on your computer or personal device through

HonorClub will also be available through the new ROH App on Android and iOS, and channels on Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV as a Beta version for select fans. In an effort to provide fans with a quality user experience, these platforms will be tested thoroughly during this phase with an official launch coming very soon.

If you’re considering purchasing at all, the VIP membership seems to be the way to go. Getting all PPV events for an additional $20 per year is a better deal than paying $17.50 each (assuming ROH sticks with the $35 per show model they’ve used pre-HonorClub) on top of a standard membership, which is you go month-to-month costs the same as VIP, anyway. It’s a smart move to incentivize fans to commit to the annual plan and get those fees up-front... provided demand is there.

Is it? That’s the big question - how much disposable income do wrestling have fans have, and where will ROH rank when they prioritize their graps budget?

We, and Sinclair, are about to find out.

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