No, Bayley did not turn heel and what it all means

Last night (Feb. 26) on Raw, as Sasha desperately reached for a tag, Bayley jumped off the mat and refused to help her best friend. Was this a heel turn for Bayley?

The answer is no. But to understand that answer you have to dig deeper into the Bayley and Sasha relationship.

Bayley was sending a message to Sasha that she had been taking their friendship for granted for weeks now, being her friend when convenient and then stabbing her in the back when it's beneficial to Sasha.

If this was a heel turn, she would have just walked to the back. But she returned to help Asuka and make sure they still won.

Now, people defending Sasha can say, "Well in Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber it is every woman for herself!" And this is accurate. Bayley seemed clearly perturbed but forgiving for Sasha's actions at Royal Rumble, and let her anger be known after Sasha incredulously asked Bayley if she really thought she could beat Asuka.

But Elimination Chamber was different altogether. Yes, again it was technically every woman for herself, but during their pre-show promo, Bayley and Sasha said they would have each other's back, making sure they were the last two standing, and then basically let the best woman win.

Sasha broke that promise with her Scar (from Lion King) moment of throwing Bayley off the pod. This wasn't just being opportunistic (it was actually dumb and ended up costing Sasha herself), but was a breach of trust and friendship.

And not to mention the stakes were higher on Sunday than a random 6 woman tag match on Monday, which makes Sasha's backstab all the more costly for Bayley - and Bayley's snub less consequential.

Yet, it makes you wonder if Sasha deep down is scared of Bayley succeeding to the point where she is actually sabotaging even herself to make sure Bayley doesn't win.

Sure it was every woman for herself at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. However, if she teamed with Bayley they could have worked together in the Royal Rumble to eliminate as much competition as possible and then gone one on one. This would have bettered Sasha's chances. If they worked together in the Elimination Chamber they could have eliminated Alexa and since Bayley was beaten down from starting the match and having to deal with a 5 minute double team from Absolution, she would have seemingly been easier pickings than the fresh Alexa Bliss.

So that begs the question, "Why then would Sasha keep doing this to Bayley if it ended up being to her own detriment?"

It isn't that Sasha didn't want to win the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber. Obviously she did, and you could tell by her devastation both after the Rumble and the Chamber match. But it's equally important that Bayley DOESN'T succeed where she fails.

Sure she could have worked with Bayley both times and ended up with a 50/50 chance of winning. But that also means that Bayley would have the same chances to win. By eliminating her friend, Sasha ensures Bayley has no chance of winning.

That also begs the question, "If it was about Bayley why didn't she just pin her after Bayley got beat down for 5 minutes against Absolution"

Because Sasha also realized she needed Bayley - until she didn't need Bayley. Sasha was first out of the pod. If she takes out Bayley right then and there she is 2 on 1 against Absolution and doesn't have any friends on the way with Mickie or Alexa due out next. So she waited until it was just her, Bayley, and Alexa.

She's never had much respect for Alexa, so if Sasha could eliminate Bayley, then she would have Alexa by herself. She likely felt Alexa would be easy to beat by herself, so she could now focus on getting rid of Bayley.

Once again Sasha would have a chance to win, but just as importantly, Bayley wouldn't.

You could even argue this goes all the way back to over a year ago when Bayley won the title. Sasha knew she wasn't allowed any more title matches with Charlotte after the Iron Woman match at Roadblock 2016. And she lost. Next was Bayley who got her chance against Charlotte and Sasha didn't want Bayley to succeed on her own. THAT is why she interjected herself into those two matches.

Not so much to help Bayley, but to make sure Bayley won because of her and not on her own. Not to mention, Sasha would be able to have a shot at the title again. So it worked to Sasha's benefit both mentally and professionally. "Yes Bayley won, but not without me - and now I can get a shot at the title again!" She even came out the next night to ask for a title match at WrestleMania.

And so the last question is "why?" Why is Bayley not succeeding so important to Sasha?

And for that answer you have to go alllll the way back to the beginnings of their feud in NXT.

Bayley and Sasha have ALWAYS been two sides of the same coin. To make a Dragon Ball Z reference, Sasha has always been the Vegeta to Bayley's Goku. Even after all they have been through, Sasha is STILL trying prove to herself that her way is the right way, and like Goku and Vegeta, this dichotomy exists even when they are allies or friends. And the only way to do that is to prove she is better than Bayley.

Yes, she still wants to beat everyone else. Yes, she still wants to be champ. Yes, she still wants to go to WrestleMania.

But just as important, or possibly even more important, she HAS to prove she is better than Bayley. And the match a few weeks ago when Bayley beat Sasha again really plays into this dichotomy for Sasha.

In truth, if you look at overall story and not nitpick certain details along the way, this is actually some of the best storytelling WWE has done in a while. And it could be the most compelling feud heading into WrestleMania if handled well.

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