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Predictions for the women’s Elimination Chamber match include Sasha Banks heel turn

The Fourth Wall discusses the full Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on this week’s show

The Fourth Wall Wrestling podcast released it’s special “Elimination Chamber” preview show Wednesday evening, and one of the matches we previewed was, of course, the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber for the Raw Women’s Title.

Here is what we came up with for that match:

Zach: “I want to say that (Alexa) Bliss loses this. Am I crazy for thinking that?”

Pete: “No.”

Zach: “I don’t know. I feel like Sasha’s hot right now. I think you ride the hot hand here. Put the belt on Sasha.”

Pete: “I think this is the Sasha Banks heel turn match because they have been teasing it for the past couple of weeks, she’s been tweeting a little bit weird, she almost told turned heel, and then, remember? [Banks and Bayley] were attacked by Nia Jax a few weeks ago. I think this is a situation where—and it would be me booking now if I’m playing fantasy booker—you have the non-Absolution members in this match. Four of them against the other two. What if they all combine to knock out Absolution? So then you’re left with Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Mickie James and Sash Banks.”

Zach: “That’s money, man, that’s money. That’d be really exciting.”

Pete: “Mickie James gets eliminated and you’re down to Bliss, Bayley and Banks. What if there’s a situation where Bayley knocks out Banks and Banks freaks out? Banks destroys Bayley, leaving an easy pin for Alexa Bliss to retain the title, and she doesn’t really have to do much.”

Zach: “That’s pretty interesting. I like that.”

Pete: “That sets up Sasha Banks, the ultimate heel now, against Bayley, who if you saw the little girls this week, is the ultimate face. It’s a perfect match. I would, other than maybe streak vs. champion if they go with that, say maybe Bayley vs. Sasha on the big stage like that, heel vs. face, really rich story, is more interesting than both title matches for the women.”

For this full conversation and a discussion about the men’s Elimination Chamber and Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt, listen on the player below or click here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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