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When and how Jeff Jarrett allegedly got into WWE’s Hall of Fame

In the pro wrestling business’ latest “never say never” moment, Jeff Jarrett was announced as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame’s class of 2018 on Monday, Feb. 19.

How did it happen? Who knows if this is the 100% truth, because it’s an unsourced report from a publication in Sports Illustrated that, despite their well-known name, has a record that’s no better than any other dirt screen or rumor monger when it comes to these things. But according to Justin Barrasso’s latest, Triple H pushed for Jarrett to be brought back into the WWE fold.

The story mentions Double J and Triple H’s mutual friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as people who could have possibly helped to bridge the gap, and makes a similarly inconclusive observation about a possible link between the recent hiring of long-time TNA employee Jeremy Borash and Jarrett. The “just thinking out loud” inference of that latter tidbit is that Jeff could be part of the team Hunter is said to be putting together for when/if he gains more control behind-the-scenes. Should interesting to see how the idea of Jarrett as part of the brain trust meshes with the “Trips will save us” narrative a lot of wrestling fans have when it comes to WWE’s future...

As to when the deal came together, Jarrett himself told TMZ Sports he got the call in January. He doesn’t specify when in the month he was asked, just that he accepted immediately. Gonna go ahead and keep the “alleged” qualifier on that timeline even though it comes from the man himself. The notion that this went down without more involvement from the legendary politicker is pretty unbelievable to me personally, and the man once tried to get fans to buy into a multi-level marketing scheme to help fund a promotion, so...

There you kind of, sort of, have it, Cagesiders. That’s one version of how and when Double J got into the WWE Hall.

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