Discussion Post: How would you book WWE's marque Women's Matches


Cagesiders, it would seem that WWE has a bit of a problem on their hands as it pertains to the matches involving the female superstars. Currently there are five (possibly six) top women that need to be placed in the marque matches of the women's division at WrestleMania. Those women are as follows: Asuka, Charlotte, Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and possibly Becky Lynch. Historically, the women of WWE do not receive more than really one or two slots to participate in WrestleMania, which calls for the matches to become mulit-women matches. However, this year it would appear that the women's matches will be singles bouts. That means two of the divisions top stars might be left out of the "spotlight matches." So, how should WWE approach this issue; how should they book these matches? Lets take a look at the women in question first.

First off there is Asuka. Having won the Royal Rumble, Asuka has a one-way ticket to Wrestlemania. Hers is the case of which title will she challenge for at WrestleMania. Auska is not going to be moved out of a marque match. Only one other woman has her place at WWE's biggest event secure. That woman is Ronda Rousey.

There is no way that Ronda Rousey does not have a match at WrestleMania. The former UFC Women's Bantamweight champion has brought more attention to WWE since Brock Lesnar's return to the company a few years ago. While it is obvious that Rousey will have a match at WrestleMania, it isn't clear whom her opponent will be at said event. Most would assume that she will go after Charlotte and her Smackdown Women's Championship. However, it has been rumored that WWE might be trying to secure the Rock to join her in a match against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. It should also be noted that although unlikely, Rousey could also go after the Raw Women's championship. Speaking of the Raw Women's championship, there is the case for its current holder.

Alexa Bliss is currently in the most unsafe position of all the women mentioned. Little Miss Bliss is soon going to be entering the Elimination Chamber against five other women whom are hungry to take her place at WrestleMania. Not only this, but Alexa's recent booking should also be taken into account. For all those who are unaware, Alexa Bliss has reigned as champion since August. To most that might sound like a great reign, and it was at the beginning. Alexa ran roughshod through the division by besting every credible challenger that stepped up. Lately, however, Bliss has become an afterthought rather than the focal point. The champion rarely wrestles let alone defends her title, and when she does appear on screen it is usually in the form of a backstage promo. By this fact alone, one could make the assumption that Alexa might be losing her title at Elimination Chamber. One woman who might walk away with the title at Elimination Chamber is Sasha Banks.123_RAW_01292018dg_2242--2403730944c2c4d6ca505d698f2c06d0.0.jpg

Sasha Banks has been in an odd position for the better part of last year. She is the face of the division, yet not the champion. She is the standard bearer, and yet cannot successfully defend the Women's Championship to save her life. Thus, it looked as if Sasha was stuck playing gatekeeper. However, it would seem that Sasha is now moving away from that role now. WWE has been promoting the Boss heavily on social media, while also sending her out to take part on television shows. Couple that with her strong performances at the Royal Rumble and in her match against Asuka, and a possible heel turn in the works, it would seem Banks might finally get a run with the championship. If Sasha were to win the women's championship at Elimination Chamber, it would undoubtedly change the dynamic of the WrestleMania women's match-ups. That is it for the women of Raw. Across the pond on Smackdown a Queen currently reigns atop her division.

On the surface it would seem that Charlotte Flair's slot at WrestleMania is set. It would appear that way to this author as well, but I also know WWE's track record. WWE is well known to both change their mind at the drop of a hat, and also doing quick title changes for the sake of shock factor. One Ms. Carmella is currently waiting in the wings to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase, which can be cashed in at any time. Hopefully WWE resists the urge to shock the crowd and keeps the title on Flair. The Queen, in terms of popularity and name recognition, is the best woman to carry the title into WrestleMania. Rousey seems to be the one whom will face Flair, but as I noted above that is not set in stone. The challenger for the Smackdown Women's Championship could very well be Flair's best friend Becky Lynch.


Becky Lynch's placement in all of this is essentially based on what happens with Rousey and Asuka. If Rousey is partnering with the Rock against the Hemsley's, and if Asuka chooses to challenge for the Raw Women's Championship, then Lynch just might get a one on one match. Regardless of booking Becky Lynch has still managed to stay over with the fans. Charlotte has expressed for some time that she would like to face Becky once again, and it would be a fairly easy story to tell. The pairing of the two would also ensure a quality match-up.

My Booking Choices:

First things first, if the Rock is able to be secured, then Rousey should no doubt wrestle in that match. Firstly, that match is one that would gain interest just because of the names involved. Secondly, it would keep Rousey from being tied down to any one show. If Rousey were to challenge for a title she would undoubtedly win it, which would assign her to the show of which her title belongs. This way Rousey can stay a free agent and they can hold off a little bit before she wins a title.

(Sorry Alexa fans; you're not going to like this.)


Next, Asuka should challenge for the Raw Women's Championship, and the champion should be Sasha Banks. Sasha should win the championship inside the Elimination Chamber, and carry it into WrestleMania. Asuka vs. Sasha II writes itself: Sasha wants to avenge her loss and she wants to end the streak, while Asuka wants to keep her streak alive and capture the title. The match is sure to be an intense one, and the women will no doubt go all out to steal the show. The real issue is with who wins this match. For the sake of brevity, and continuity with the rout that WWE seems to be going, lets just say Asuka wins. (Maybe I'll write a fantasy booking on Sasha beating Asuka at Wrestlemania; let me know what you all think.)

Unfortunently, that leaves Alexa Bliss out of a marque match. Listen, this is not because I don't like Alexa; I actually do like Little Miss Bliss. The woman is a star, but Bliss has taken the title as far as she can. Alexa is above-average on the mic, but at some point the champion is expected to deliver good to great matches in the ring. This is something that Bliss cannot deliver at this point in her career. There are simply women whom are further along in this area. The title should be taken off of her so she can go work on her in-ring game outside of the bright lights of the title scene. If she can better herself in the ring, Alexa might be unstoppable.

It would behoove WWE to keep Asuka away from Charlotte at the moment. The Empress vs The Queen is a mega-money-match that has potential to draw one day. So, with that in mind, Charlotte should face Becky at WrestleMania. Personally, I would like to see Becky win the title. She is perfect to play the role of the fighting champion. A open challenge kind of setting could be the best route. This gives Becky that never-say-die persona, and it could also become an avenue to introduce some NXT women to the main roster audiences (perhaps two certain iconic women could debut this way.)


If Charlotte were to lose, she could have a friendly feud with Becky. As soon as that is over Ronda Rousey should become her next challenger. Once again, this is a way to keep Rousey away from the title for a while. She can face Charlotte at SummerSlam as a free agent

So, there you have it Cagesiders. This is my way to fix a WWE's women's main event scene. Do you all agree or disagree? Let me know in the comment section. If you would do something differently put that in the comment section as well. Until next time!

- HJ3

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