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Everybody from Impact Wrestling to Triple H thinks Jeff Jarrett in the WWE Hall of Fame is great

Every announcement of a new member to WWE’s Hall of Fame comes with a wave of congratulatory tweets. But not every inductee is Jeff Jarrett.

While we haven’t seen well-wishes from some of the folks who share complicated histories with Double J like Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy (yet anyway), there have been some interesting ones. Like the one from the company he helped found, but who parted ways with him last fall before he entered rehab:

After that one, it’s really all downhill. But it still feels weird to see Jarrett as the toast of the wrestling world:

Feel free to add any we missed below.

Now we’ll let you get back to being angry he’s in before his influential father, Jerry, or Chyna, one of his most prominent rivals during The Attitude Era. And/or fantasy booking the segment with Elias you know is coming at some point over the next several months.

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