What do you think about Ronda Rousey transitioning from the UFC to the WWE?

Rousey has been a real hot topic lately all over the Internet ever since she made her debut at the Royal Rumble[Women's Royal Rumble match to be more exact]. I admired her in the UFC and thought she was pretty dominant all up until she threw in the towel(twice) and decided to step down from fighting. It's not the fact that she lost it's just the fact that she made such a big deal over her two losses as if her whole career with the UFC was over with. Anyways, personally I am happy she's pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a WWE Women's Superstar, but something also tells me that she may not like losing and might getting upset about that. So, Cagesiders, what are your thoughts on Rousey jumping from the UFC to the WWE? Sound off below.

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