Some possible first opponents for Ronda Rousey.

Hello, CSS! It’s me, Dennis Cowe, coming at you from Canada with another fanpost. Now here’s a question we’ve all been wondering. What are they gonna do with Ronda Rousey? Well, check out the pros and cons list below to see some! Also, take the poll at the end! Thanks, Cagesiders!

1. Asuka

Pro: Could put on a great first match. Might find some way for Ronda to win while keeping the streak intact.

Cons: The predictability of Asuka winning is too much to ignor.

2. Charlotte Flair

Pro: Would certainly put on a great show. The question is, unlike Asuka, who’s gonna win. If they do this, It’ll most likely be for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Con: It is too soon to put the title on Ronda in most people’s eyes.

3. Nia Jax

Pro: Nia’s style is power. Ronda’s is calculated and patient. The two styles would clash greatly together.

Con: If Ronda’s coming in, she’s coming in big. If Nia isn’t the RAW Women’s Champion at the time, what’s the point?

4. Becky Lynch

Pro: Would help elevate Becky’s career ( keep in mind I’m not saying Becky’s being buried or can’t wrestle, I’m just saying she’s not doing much right now. ) and start Ronda’s. Bisides, WrestleMaina IS a Duel-Brand PPV.

Con: A’s noted above, Becky’s not doing anything noteworthy right now. Would a match with Ronda even be good?

5. Sasha Banks

Pro: Ronda vs. Sasha would certainly capture interest and print money.

Con: Sasha has a whole " Sasha Heel " angle currently. And a breakup between her and Bayley is likely going to lead to a feud. Which will most likely enter WreslteMania, thus, ruling out Sasha.

6. Stephanie McMahon

Pro: Ronda Rousey.

Con: Stephanie McMahon.

7. Vickie Guerrero

Pro: See above.

Con: This would NOT print money. In fact, it would melt everyone’s ears. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Lita

Pro: Lita can still go in the ring. Some of you might be surprised to see her on this list. However, as proven at the Royal Rumble, Lita can still wrestle. Sure, the Moonsault at the Rumble looked like she just fell backwards of the ropes, but it was still awesome to see her wrestle again.

Con: WWE might be concerned with Lita suffering an injury, thus, ruling out Lita.

9. Shayna Baszler

Pro: 2/4 Horsewomen fight! They know eachother’s tactics! Let’s go! After all, at 38 years old, WWE might want to shoot Shayna up to the main roster fast. IMO, SDL needs Baszler more, but, as listed above, four horsewomen...

10. Paige

Pro: It’s pretty much fact that WWE’s just watching and waiting to see if Paige will get better. Perhaps that comes sooner rather than later?

Con: I honestly can’t think of one without talking about Paige’s injury. Said injury is ruled out in the Pro section above. Comment below if you can think of a con, and I might add it.

That’s all, CSS Cagesiders! I hope you enjoyed and take the poll. Don’t forget to comment below! Peace. OUT.

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