The Nightly: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

So how did you spend Valentine’s Day today? For me, I spent it killing Nazis in Wolfenstein II. Pretty much spent all day attempting to pass it, as I only had it for one day due to Redbox. I miss the days of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video where you had it for at least 5 days or so. But today, I was on a mission. And that mission was to pass Wolfenstein II. Did I succeed?

You’re damn right I did.

Yep, I ended up passing Wolfenstein II today. I beat the game in a day. Pretty cool accomplishment, I must say. Unfortunately, that accomplishment came at a cost. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice watching NXT live tonight in order to pass Wolfenstein II. Hopefully it was worth it. But I’ll be watching NXT on the Network tonight. Hopefully it was good. And hopefully NXT gave all of us the Valentine’s gift we deserve by having the Iconic Duo on.

On to the Nightly.

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