Most viewed WWE YouTube videos from Raw and SmackDown (Feb. 12-13, 2018)

Time to wrap up another week of TV as seen after the event as we check what official WWE YouTube channel uploads have had the most views by the following afternoon.

Music maestros, please...

  1. Braun Strowman, Elias and a double bass (Raw) 1.39m views as of ~4pm ET Feb. 13
  2. John Cena vs The Miz (Raw) 1.33m
  3. Second Chance Fatal Five-Way (Raw) 1.18m
  4. Bobby Roode challenge answered by Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal (Smackdown) 886k views as of ~4pm ET Feb. 14
  5. Roman Reigns vs Sheamus (Raw) 708k
  6. Ronda Rousey contract signing announcement (Raw) 677k
  7. John Cena promo interrupted by The Miz (Raw) 586k
  8. Owens & Zayn attack Ziggler & Corbin (Smackdown) 568k
  9. Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown) 559k
  10. Kevin Owens vs Baron Corbin (Smackdown) 400k
  11. Bayley vs Sasha Banks (Raw) 345k
  12. Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose vs Alexa Bliss & Mickie James (Raw) 343k
  13. Asuka promo package (Raw) 271k
  14. Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan (Smackdown) 226k
  15. Alexa and Mickie backstage (Raw) 216k

No great surprise given the impact -- in more ways than one, even infamous music site Pitchfork reported on it for some reason -- in Braun being the monster draw amongst video men for the seventh week out of the last nine. Let's start this analysis, however, just outside the top 10. It's not just the surprising under-performance of Sasha vs Bayley, it's that -- and this might head "they aren't over!" talk off -- 24 hours later it's been overtaken by the tag match, which at time of writing is running at 507k to the frenemies' 469k. It's been suggested that the title given to the upload, "Sasha Banks and Bayley put their friendship aside" (when every other match is clearly labeled as a match), doesn't help, and they struggled to even crack 300k while stuck in endless meaningless tag matches, but that they were facing each other was advertised much earlier than usual on Monday and the thumbnail is of them in action.

Talking of meaningless tag matches we know this audience likes to see Alexa lose but she hasn't been that much of a draw, Absolution have been generally sunk since Paige stepped away from the action, and Mickie has only really performed well when against Alexa -- and weigh against that Charlotte, who usually does better than average among the women, being dragged down by the declining Riott Squad already. Maybe then it's someone else -- it's not difficult to suggest that this audience only has eyes for Ronda, but it's quite rare to see a pre-filmed segment of previously seen footage and Asuka has been on a hot streak recently. More interestingly, are Sasha and Bayley seen as losers because the audience saw them take the fall over the last two weeks? You have to think a YouTube audience isn't one predisposed to slow burn storylines.

At the top end, it's another week of three videos going straight into seven figures, and the infamy of the upright bass shot heard around the world has seen it put on more than another three quarters of a million views and pull away from Cena-Miz by now, around 400k clear on 2.2m. The controversy around the Elimination Chamber qualifier was played up to great effect and Roman is reliable for being at or around the million mark, one his match has now passed.

As for Smackdown's top video, who guessed Bobby Roode would suddenly be a draw? Having hauled YouTube underachiever Rusev up last week a video that only mentions him in the name has outdone the increasingly complex and self-defeating world title scene. Yes, it did involve Jinder Mahal and his fabled social media (but not financial) following coming out on top, but his numbers were declining even during his title run.

Meanwhile, the gap between Zayn and Owens shows whose role might be getting too played out as the weeks pass, but not nearly as much as people are dissuaded yet again by Shane and Daniel bickering backstage, which lands just outside the top 15.

The worst performing TV segment? Yet again, apart from the Bludgeon Brothers promo, it's the Revival against the Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson's part in jolting Finn Balor's failing figures back into life being brought back down by a team that, thanks to a combination of injuries causing loss of momentum, 50/50 booking and their ring style being a tough sell to a wham-bam casual crowd, feel horribly adrift right now. Oh, and 205 Live's top rated moment was the Buddy Murphy tournament entry reveal, proving 500 NXT Florida armory show fans can't be wrong.

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