What is the BEST Promo video

Professional Wrestling is all about promoting to get ticket sales and PPV sales (or in this day in age Network Subscriptions). One of the best ways this is done is by creating promo videos for the big main event matches

Every now and then when I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed I come across the Promo Video for Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs The Rock at Wrestlemania X-seven with the headline BEST Promo Video EVER!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs The Rock Wrestlemania X-seven Promo Video Package

Now don't get me wrong, this is one of the greatest promo video packages. However I feel there could be some great contenders to give this one a run for it money. One that comes to mind is the promo video package for The Undertake Vs Brock Lesnar at Unforgiven 2002. It just had the right story, with the right music and the right emotions that set up one hell of a match that at the time tested the rookie champion.

Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar Promo Video Package

So my question to you is there a promo video package that stands out to you as one the best ever produced?

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