Of Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax: Why Only One of These Women Should Be at WrestleMania

It's WrestleMania season which means it's time to start thinking ahead about who should be fighting who at the big show. Rumors are running rampant about who Ronda Rousey's opponent is gonna be. Will she be in a mixed tag with a partner against Stephanie and Triple H? Will she challenge Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown women's championship? Right now nobody knows for sure. There are rumors flying around that Nia Jax could find herself in only her second singles Raw Women's Championship match ever against Alexa Bliss. This would mean Asuka would go to Smackdown and challenge Charlotte. There are a number of reasons why this idea would be absurd to actually go through with.

First of all, Nia Jax has never really been booked well. She's always been a third or fourth wheel in a match. When she is spotlighted it's as the "irresistible force" yet unlike Braun Strowman, Nia is always felled. It sort of undercuts the whole monster image. Secondly from a purely logical perspective there is no reason Nia Jax should be in a title match. She didn't win the Royal Rumble. Even if you try and pretend that doesn't matter, she's booked to face Asuka at Elimination Chamber and if she wins she gets added to the WrestleMania title match. There is zero chance of her beating Asuka, which means she will have lost another match for a title shot. There is no way you can logically explain how she gets a title match at that point. Third, Kurt Angle went on record on national television and said Asuka would be challenging the Raw Women's Champion at WrestleMania. Are we just supposed to forget he said that?

What would make the most sense is if they don't try to capitalize on a four year old angle that no one cares about. Instead Ronda Rousey should challenge and beat Charlotte while Asuka defeats Bliss and then they go on a tear through the respective rosters and build to a match preferably at Mania next year but more likely at Survivor Series. Sorry Nia this just isn't your time. Asuka is on a roll and Ronda needs actual competition to legitimize her as a wrestler not Stephanie McMahon.

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