The "Rumored" Wrestlemania 34 Card Isn’t Great

No DQ, and others have decided to post stuff about a rumored Wrestlemania 34 Card. I dissaprove.

First things first, Smackdown has only 2 matches on that card. 2. Proving that Vince probably prefers RAW over SDL. But I won’t complain, because RAW was his moneymaker. All that’s "rumored" was Asuka vs Charlotte and Nakamura vs Styles. Zayn vs Owens is likely to happen AGAIN, but they can put on an entertaining match! And the Usos vs Bludgeon Brothers May be happening too.

Now, onto the RAW side. Who came up with Alexa vs Nia? Really? I’d rather see Asuka bury Bliss, and Rousey figh Charlotte, but WWE wants to book a bad Bliss match. Isn’t the first time. If this rumored card is true, than RAW might as well have Wrestlemania as its brand exclusive PPV. 8 RAW matches. 8. And Strowman vs Miz just doesn’t sound good to me.

Raw outnumbers SDL 8-2. Vince burying SDL some more. Anyways, Rousey shouldn’t be wasted in some mixed tag match. Have her fight an actual WRESTLER. Strowman and Rousey sounds cool and all, but HHH and Steph don’t need on the card. Unless Braun vs HHH happens. Love watching Braun go over.

Usos vs Bludgeon Brothers, and Zayn vs Owens need added. USO’s can have a good match with any team these days. And we love some Luke Harper.


RAW outshines Smackdown, and the matches aren’t interesting, except Nak vs Styles, or a Strowman Match.

The rumored card needs fixed.

P.S. Mania may already be sold out.

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