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AAA Roundup: WWE tryout in Chile, Ring & Rocks StAAArs, Luchadores doing pool aerobics

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. The mystery of the missing Keyra is cracked, and we catch up on some Gira de Conquista action from Cancun and Merida. It featured kisses, a bloody elbow, and luchadores enjoying the Hard Rock hotels.

Before we get to the news, here are some minor mentions. AAA posted photos from the recent Guerra de Titanes event. Read the review to find out who won the three championship changes.

If you haven’t heard, AAA is nearing the end of a 24 luchador tournament called Lucha Capital. Next week (Wednesday, Dec. 12) is the semifinal with the final coming the following week (Wednesday, Dec. 19). All the action is available on AAA’s Facebook page.

The past episode has special relevance for Lucha Underground fans. Remember Vampiro’s master? Well, he goes by the name of Australian Suicide in AAA. Australian Suicide had a super exciting match with Laredo Kid. I recommend watching if you are curious what Vampiro’s master can do in the ring. Read the review here.

WWE tryout in Chile

I thought Keyra’s absence from Guerra de Titanes was odd. It turns out that she had bigger fish to fry. Keyra was participating in WWE’s global talent search down in Chile. She was mentioned in WWE’s press release.

23-year-old luchadora Keyra. In addition to capturing titles in Mexico, Keyra has wrestled WWE Performance Center recruits Chelsea Green and Lacey Lane.

Ricky Marvin joined the group as well. If his name sounds familiar, he was a AAA Trios champ with Averno and Chessman. The 23 year veteran also played Bengala in Lucha Underground.

Speaking of Bengala, AAA’s current Bengala has a new look. What do you think?

Other names attending the tryout were Tayane Porfirio de Araújo, Manuel Alejandro Saez, Ariki Toa, Patricia Maria Fontes Santos, Stephanie Vaquer, Dragon Bane, Zatara, Diego Valdes, and Pedro Sanchez.

Photos also show Vanilla Vargas and Lady Maravilla in attendance.

Good luck to all.

*Shout out to William Regal’s Brass Knuckles for the informative comment on the Guerra de Titanes review.

LA Park vs La Parka story

LA Park was featured on Peluche En El Estuche, a popular YouTube channel, for an interview on his birthday. The concept is driving around in a car hosted by Super Escorpión. Hijo de LA Park was there too. They had mariachi play the birthday song, “Las Mañanitas,” greeted fans passing by, and picked up a chick.

The conversation is in Spanish. It is kind of wacky but has interesting tidbits. Language not suitable for work if your workmates understand Spanish.

Some of you may know all the details about the LA Park vs La Parka saga. For those that don’t, LA Park came up with the LA Parka idea in 1992. The character debuted in Veracruz with AAA. AAA gave the La Parka character to a new performer while LA Park was working in WCW. When LA Park returned to Mexico with CMLL, AAA filed a trademark lawsuit. That is when LA Park began using that name.

Leave it to AAA to turn it into a wrestling storyline. LA Park vs La Parka took place in 2010 at Triplemania XVIII for the rights to the name. My favorite part of the Wikipedia summary is, “After signing the contract, Dorian Roldan had the police arrest La Parka for piracy by impersonating La Parka. He was released just in time to run in during the semi-main event to attack LA Park.”

In reality, LA Park had come to an agreement with AAA that he wouldn’t go after the La Parka name and they would leave him alone to be LA Park. He wasn’t interested in the La Parka name anymore. LA Park said about La Parka’s matches that they are embarrassing and shameful.

In the car ride video, I also learned that LA Park is 53 and Hijo de LA Park is 29. And there was a short story about the time LA Park spent a month in jail for punching a wrestling commissioner.

If you enjoyed Sin Cara chest slapping a TV host, LA Park did it as well on the same show.

Would you take an LA Park chop?

Gira de Conquista

Both of the Ring & Rocks StAAArs shows will be covered. They occurred between Triplemania and Héroes Inmortales. The episode from Cancun and the episode from Merida featured all wrestling, no promo stories.

Ring & Rocks StAAArs from Cancun

The show opened with scenes of luchadores doing pool aerobics at one of the Hard Rock hotel properties, either Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

Lucha Libre AAA

Keyra, La Hiedra, & Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Lady Shani, Vanilla, & Lady Maravilla

This was Scarlett Bordeaux’s first foray with AAA. I already wrote about that, which you can read here.

The match (at 10:00) was a typical trios encounter. Highlights include a double suplex to Scarlett followed by a slingshot elbow drop by Vanilla and a flying crossbody by Vanilla to the the outside. The finish came down to Keyra vs Lady Maravilla. Keyra kicked out of a Spanish Fly then won the bout with a flipping back body drop pin maneuver.

Scarlett had a backstage promo. “I’m here for the championship. Yes, I’m here for the Queen of Queens (Reina de Reinas Championship). I want to take everything. Yes Faby Apache, I’m here for you. But, are you ready for the Smoke Show?”

More luchador fun on the beach. This time playing volleyball.

Poder del Norte defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Angelikal, & Australian Suicide

Highlights include a standing backflip splash by Australian Suicide, the tecnico trio taking flight with Angelikal on a corkscrew and shooting star presses from Vikingo and Australian Suicide, a rudo trio of suicide dives, and Vikingo with a huge air leap over the ring post to the outside.

Australian Suicide bailed on the bout. Angelikal had Mocho Cota Jr. in a full nelson. Australian Suicide climbed to the top turnbuckle, waved his arms to get the crowd pumped, then blew them off and left. A MAD rudo is going to rudo even when teaming with tecnicos.

For the finish, Angelikal was steamrolled. A big clothesline, a back cradle slam, and a frog splash put him away for the three count.

Jack Evans & Golden Magic defeated Sammy Guevara & Laredo Kid

The enjoyable match (at 40:00) was full of flippy stuff. Golden Magic twirled a golden staff. Top highlights include a suicide dive by Laredo Kid, a springboard frog moonsault by Laredo, a corkscrew leap over the ropes by Sammy Guevara to the outside, and a 450 springboard splash by Laredo.

For the finish, Jack Evans and Golden Magic were down on the mat in opposite corners. Laredo Kid hit a 450 splash. Evans evaded and Guevara missed his 450 but landed on his feet. Evans ducked a clothesline and locked in a standing backslide position. Evans pointed to the crowd to distract the referee, then he backward low blow kicked Guevara. Bridging after a backslide completed the three count.

Jack Evans cut a promo backstage saying he was coming for Sammy Guevara’s AAA World Cruiserweight Championship title.

Los Mercenarios defeated Maximo, Aerostar, & Pagano

This match (at 56:00) was mostly about the Alvarado feud between La Mascara and Maximo. Maximo wanted to throw slaps with Mascara, but Mascara would choose his spots wisely. Whenever Maximo got too close, Texano and Rey Escorpion beat on him.

Lucha Libre AAA

The rudos used a divide and conquer strategy to control much of the match. Texano’s bull rope often kept Pagano and Aerostar at bay.

For the finish, Maximo broke free for a headscissors takedown to send Mascara out of the ring. A heated suicide dive followed. The other four had some spots to occupy themselves. Maximo and Mascara were back in the ring. Maximo speared Mascara. Ground and pound time. The referee, Copetes Salazar, pulled Maximo off for using closed fists.

The two cousins battled up on the turnbuckles. Maximo kissed Mascara to make him fall off. A frog splash hit its mark. 1, 2... Texano and Rey Escorpion pulled Copetes’ legs to stop the count. Mascara kicked Maximo in the cojones. Copetes counted three.

Los Mercenarios had a backstage promo. Texano told Mascara that they are his family and will support him until the end. Mascara called them his true family.

Ring & Rocks StAAArs from Merida

The show opened with scenes from the Hark Rock hotels. La Parka jumped on a bed.

Lucha Libre AAA

Blue Demon Jr. ate grapes like a fancy boy.

Lucha Libre AAA

Hijo del Fantasma rode the water slide.

Lucha Libre AAA

Lady Shani, Lady Maravilla, & Vanilla defeated Keyra, La Hiedra, & Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux made her second AAA appearance. I already covered this match as well, which you can read here.

It was a rematch (at 10:00) from Cancun. The bout began with a solid back and forth of pins and submissions between Keyra and Lady Maravilla. The top highlight was a flying crossbody by Bordeaux to the outside.

The finish involved Lady Shani and La Hiedra. Shani hit a backcracker for a two count. Hiedra came back with a swinging neckbreaker. Hiedra climbed the corner, but Shani got her with an overhead toss slam off the top. Shani won with a bridging pin.

Poder del Norte defeated Golden Magic, Angelikal, & Hijo del Vikingo

Golden Magic had his golden staff again. Unfortunately, it did not help. The rudos busted his elbow open with a chair shot. The medical staff had to wrap Golden Magic’s bloody elbow before he rejoined the fight.

The match (at 26:00) was what you would expect from these six luchadores. The top highlights were a super powerbomb by Hijo del Vikingo and a slingshot chair shot by the rudos. Poder del Norte were too much of a unit to lose. The finish came when they attacked the weak link, Golden Magic, with a back cradle slam then a frog slash to win.

Maximo & Aerostar defeated La Mascara & Rey Escorpion and Australian Suicide & Hijo de LA Park

The fairly short three-way tag match (at 41:00) had highlights of a corkscrew by Aerostar, a running corkscrew senton by Australian Suicide, double suicide dives by Aerostar and Maximo, and a Spanish Fly by Hijo de LA Park.

For the finish, La Mascara was taking his time with Hijo on a pair of superkicks in the corner. Maximo snuck up from behind to kiss Mascara. That led to a roll-up victory for Maximo and Aerostar.

More luchador fun scenes of a temazcal and racing in gold carts.

Psycho Clown & Pagano defeated Hijo del Fantasma & LA Park

This match (at 54:00) began with the AAA main event style of brawling all over the place. The four fought into the crowd. The rudos kicked ass for the first half. LA Park spent time setting up tables on the outside, however, the tecnicos turned the tide with a double suicide dive into those same tables. The second half was pretty good lucha libre in the ring. It was energetic with moments of silliness from Psycho Clown.

For the finish, Pagano took out LA Park with a suicide dive. Hijo del Fantasma looked to be waiting his turn to fly next, except Psycho got him with a backcracker. La casita roll-up was used for the win.

The Ring & Rocks StAAArs episodes weren’t too shabby. It was the kind of show you press play if you are in the mood for lucha libre action. Very little story development took place, so you can sit back and enjoy without knowing the plot points.

The action was nice. The ladies’ matches had their moments. The flippy guys did their flippy stuff. Poder del Norte always delivers. The Alvarado family squabble played nicely when watching both episodes back to back. Maximo left with the upper hand.

The main event from Merida was surprisingly good. I’m not a big fan of the brawling AAA main event style. It can get tedious. Psycho Clown, Pagano, Hijo del Fantasma, and LA Park began grabbing my attention again when a wrestling match broke out in the brawl-fest. I was all in by the end.

Which match was your favorite from Ring & Rocks StAAArs? Which luchador would you like to vacation with?

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