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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament recap & review: Australian Suicide vs Laredo Kid steals the show

Week 6 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament completed Stage 2. Twelve semifinalists are set. Once again, the matchups were selected by Vampiro and Konnan. We were treated to a cat vs a chess man, ivy vs crazy, a magician vs a hamburger, and an Australian vs a guy with an entrance outfit inspired by an Australian movie.

Before we get to the recap, you can watch the full one hour and thirty-six minute show for free on AAA’s Facebook page or skip through to the matches. You won’t be missing anything important if you just want the wrestling. Each bout was more or less ten minutes in duration.

No stinkers on the show, but not any gems either except for the super fantastic main event. The matchups were Bengala vs Chessman (at 15:00), Texano vs Psycho Clown (at 28:00), La Hiedra vs Taya (at 45:00), and Niño Hamburguesa vs Golden Magic (at 1:08:00). The first four fights were okay, but they felt a step slow in comparison to the stellar headliner of Laredo Kid vs Australian Suicide (at 1:23:00). That bout definitely gets my two thumbs and two big toes up recommendation.

On to the show...

The episode opened with music from the Sin Cara band. Jose Manuel Guillen, La Griega, and Konnan did the intro. Konnan had more energy, so Vampiro must not have been there. (Turns out that Vampiro appeared later.) Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera and Vanilla were on Facebook chat duty.

Konnan talked about how Golden Magic and Niño Hamburguesa deserve another chance even though both had been eliminated already. Konnan got his wish as those two had a match, while Taurus and Murder Clown were nowhere to be found. I guess the beefies are out of the tournament. They both lost their only official match.

Pinche Gringo BBQ was nicely decorated with giant Christmas tree and other ornaments. It looked like Frosty the Snowman visited.

The live crowd was pretty full. More people were eating food. I wonder if they showed up and a wrestling show just so happened to be taking place. The peak viewership by my count was 2,800. That has been on par with each previous week.

Oh, hi. Vampiro suddenly appeared to do commentary for the first half. Similar to last week, Konnan and Vampiro picked luchadores to represent them. Konnan won 3-1 last time. How would he do this week?

Chessman defeated Bengala

In a bonus match, Bengala squared off against Chessman. Chessman did not appear to be smelly. Fans didn’t run in horror. He must have showered sometime during the week.

Highlights include Bengala sliding under the ropes for a headscissors takedown on the outside, a springboard moonsault by Bengala, and a sitdown powerbomb by Bengala. Chessman missed a double corkscrew crossbody, but it still looked cool.

For the finish, Chessman blocked a headscissors takedown and converted it into a fierce powerbomb for victory.

Cut to the luchador bullpen before the first bout.

Lucha Libre AAA

Psycho Clown defeated Texano

Konnan picked Texano and Vampiro picked Psycho Clown. Vampiro trashed Konnan’s pick. Vampiro was kind of a prick toward Konnan with little jabs, while Konnan just enjoyed the show.

The match began as a fist fight then settled into some lucha libre. Texano was rudo to the bone by whipping Psycho with his bull rope and also ripping his mask. Psycho would get payback with some rope whips of his own.

The fans were rowdy.

Lucha Libre AAA

Highlights include a tope con hilo by Texano, a suicide dive by Psycho, a flying crossbody with a twist by Psycho, a tope to the outside by Psycho who stepped off the top of the ring post, and a Sliced Bread by Psycho.

For the finish, a fireman’s carry backbreaker by Texano only earned a two count. Texano had words with the referee. Psycho came from behind to push their heads together for a kiss. In the confusion, Psycho took advantage with a backcracker and la casita roll-up to win.

Taya defeated La Hiedra

Vampiro gloated about his winning pick then chose La Hiedra. La Hiedra is a second generation luchador. Her father is Sangre Chicana. Hiedra’s brothers, sisters, uncles, and cousins are also luchadores. Learn something new everyday. Konnan went with a perra del mal, Taya.

Highlights of this physical fight include a crossbody by Taya off the apron, a Saito suplex variation by Taya, a Mexican Destroyer by Hiedra, and a Northern Lights suplex by Taya. La Wera Loca was victorious after a Code Breaker then a crucifix facebuster.

Lady Shani appeared in the ring out of nowhere. She was wearing her newly acquired Reina de Reinas Championship. Shani cut a quick promo saying she was pulling out of the tournament. She then challenged Taya. If Taya wins Lucha Capital, then title vs title. Challenge accepted.

Halftime had arm wrestling with Mamba. La Griega, Konnan, and Vampiro each had representatives. Konnan won the Facebook vote with 36%. Mamba flirted the entire time. Mamba lost once, then lost twice in a rematch.

Konnan went to commentary for the second half.

Golden Magic defeated Niño Hamburguesa

Vampiro picked Niño Hamburguesa. Konnan chose Golden Magic.

Niño Hamburguesa had a hefty suicide dive.

Golden Magic matched him with a sweet springboard moonsault.

For the finish, Hamburguesa had a running pancake and two bowling balls in the corner. He went high-risk and missed a flying roll. Golden Magic wasted no time with a 450 splash to win.

Vampiro talked about how the night is full of surprises. Konnan said something that isn’t a surprise is that Konnan’s pick won again. Vampiro’s reaction face cracked me up.

Lucha Libre AAA

Vampiro looked like he wanted to fight Konnan right then and there. Calm down, Vampiro. Nobody called your mama an astronaut. Serves Vampiro right though. He was the one talking smack all night.

Australian Suicide defeated Laredo Kid

Konnan picked his MAD cohort, Australian Suicide. Vampiro had the choice of the only luchador left, Laredo Kid.

Whoa. This match was action-packed with a furious pace. There are too many highlights to list. One funny sequence took place on the restaurant’s picnic table. Australian Suicide did a shooting star press off the table. Laredo came back with a Mexican Destroyer on the thick table.

For the finish, Australian Suicide hit a tornado DDT off the ropes then followed with a side-angled shooting star press off the top turnbuckle. Impressionante.

After the match, La Griega tried to take the customary winner selfie and Australian Suicide knocked the phone out her end. All the winners came to the ring for the standard closing shot.

Status check

Two wins gets a luchador into the finale. One win sends them to the semifinal round.

  • Advanced to the finale: Australian Suicide, Pagano, Pentagon Junior, Psycho Clown
  • Advanced to semifinal: Aerostar, Drago, Golden Magic, Hijo del Vikingo, Keyra, Killer Kross, Laredo Kid, Mascarita Sagrada, Maximo, Taya, Texano, Vanilla
  • Eliminated: Fenix (injury), La Hiedra, Lady Maravilla, Lady Shani (quitter), Murder Clown (?), Niño Hamburguesa (twice), Puma King, Taurus (?)

Murder Clown and Taurus only had one official bout each, which they both lost. I guess that means they are eliminated.

Now that all the luchadores are done with Stage 2, I think I figured out the format for next week and the finale. The original press release said seven matches at the finale. Four three-ways, two semifinals, and one final. With 12 luchadores in the one win section and 4 in the two win section, it looks like next week will be the four three-ways. The winners advance to an eight luchador finale. That’s what makes most sense, but this is AAA after all.

Week 6 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament was okay until the main event. That match was fire. I think Australian Suicide vs Laredo Kid is the best bout to date in this tournament. Pure energy and excitement. I’ve seen it twice and want to watch again.

I was surprised that Australian Suicide was victorious. I wouldn’t say it was an upset in terms of talent, but more in terms of booking. Laredo Kid was on a hot streak. He beat Drago in Stage 1, won the Trios belts at Guerra de Titanes, and has a future Mega Championship match against Fenix. That shows that the predictable winners don’t always win in Lucha Capital.

I don’t know what the deal was with Lady Shani. I prefer to think she will be going on a month-long bender after winning the Reina de Reinas Championship rather than healing with an injury. I don’t think Taya is going to win Lucha Capital, so hopefully we see her fight Lady Shani anyway someday. I would be very interested in that bout.

Konnan beat Vampiro again, 3-1. Hey Vamp, suck it.

Which were your favorite matches from Stage 1 and Stage 2? Which four luchadores from the semifinal group would you like to see advance? Will Vampiro ever beat Konnan at anything?

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