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Drunk fan who tried to sneak onto Fozzy’s bus gets... IT from Chris Jericho

This guy made The List, along with other Y2J shoot fight opponents like Goldberg and Sin Cara.

On a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer passed a long an interesting story (or “the gist of the story of what happened”) about Chris Jericho’s weekend on tour with his band Fozzy...

After the bands show on Sun., Dec. 2 stop in Regina, Saskatchewan, “a kid” who had helped with their performance was hoping to get onto the band’s tour bus so he could “get autographs or something like that”. Another man, who was evidently quite drunk, offered to help the young man get on the bus. That person ended up in a fight with a crew member that left him with a broken collarbone.

As the drunk fan was being removed, Jericho came off the bus and started yelling at the man. That led to Y2J hitting him with “a spear” and punching him while they were on the ground. At one point, Jericho went back on the bus but returned for another round of yelling and punching the guy. People near the bus who likely saw the entire incident tried to restrain the fan for police, but he got away. Although he was eventually apprehended, there’s no report from the Observer or anyone else about charges being filed against anyone involved - which seems especially strange if the item about a broken collarbone is right.

But as Goldberg and Sin Cara can allegedly tell you, Jericho will throw down if he believes the situation warrants it. And trying to sneak onto his tour bus apparently warrants... IT.

Congrats, drunk Canadian guy. You just made The List.

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