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Lucha Underground Inside the Ring: Marty “The Moth” Martinez has great DNA

Despite season five being an unknown at this moment, Lucha Underground has still been providing treats for the Believers by releasing short video chats in an Inside the Ring series. Four episodes have been posted. They are a mix of in character and out of character conversations.

First up is Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo has been in the ring for 24 years, and it was Lucha Underground that sparked his fire once again. “I almost left wrestling for a minute. I really did. I kind of stepped away. And then Lucha Underground called me, I was like okay, something different, something new, I like this. And then when I saw what it was, I was like wow. I’m like all in.”

I’m very glad that Chavo got involved with Lucha Underground. My favorite work from his career has been in the Temple as an unscrupulous bad guy only out for his own self gain. I thought he helped carry the early episodes while Lucha Underground was finding its mark and direction.

From the underbelly of Mexico, second is Vampiro.

Vampiro spoke as Ian Hodgkinson. He was inspired to begin a wrestling career after watching the VHS video Lords of the Ring. “And I was like that’s it. I always knew in my heart and soul that this was my calling and that I was going to dominate. And, I was very fortunate. I was blessed and it worked out. Well, here we are 38 years later.”

About Pentagon, “Pentagon has transcended the, he’s wanted to be, we wanted him to be the monster. But, the people love it, because he’s bad. But, he’s so bad that he’s good. He’s the anti-establishment personality that we’ve all needed. Pentagon is the middle finger to the good and the bad.” That last line is a perfect description of Pentagon.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez is third in the series.

This video was in character and began with a recap of Marty’s beginnings in Lucha Underground and motivations. Then, it went full creep mode. One of Marty’s favorite things is, “Sitting in my car, eating food, watching Melissa Santos at her house. The judge says I have to stay 250 yards away from Melissa Santos at all times. Hahahahaha. I don’t listen to him.” Creepy bastard.

I think Marty’s interview was the best of the four videos with several funny moments, such as, “Melissa, Fenix, you thought you had the last laugh by cutting my hair? The Moth has great DNA. (Hands through his hair.) Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Fourth on the list is Johnny Mundo.

This was another in character chat. Mundo mostly did a recap of his career inside the Lucha Underground ring and the qualities of Taya. Mundo brought up a good point about the Lucha Underground championship. “If you think about it logically, which most luchadores have a problem doing, Pentagon DARK didn’t beat Johnny Mundo to win the Lucha Underground championship. (Record scratch.) Where’s my title shot?”

The videos were filmed prior to season four, and we now know that feud was never really visited in season four. It is interesting to ponder what could have been with a feud between the two. Mundo gave a taste of the trash talk. “We got Pentagon DARK running around the Temple giving everybody his cero miedo, but if you ask me I give zero huevos about Pentagon DARK.” Mundo proceeded to flash the middle finger. If we get season five, then that rivalry will be must-see.

I hope Lucha Underground continues releasing these videos. It seems like they already have the footage laying around anyway. Who would you like to see on Inside the Ring? Do you prefer the in character or out of character style? Have any Cagesiders seen Lords of the Ring?

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