A chronicle of Kane’s heel and face turns in WWE

Welcome back boys and girls to my journey down the rabbit hole of heel/face turns!

ICYMI - check out our first edition on the man who's probably turned again since we posted it, Big Show. This time, we deal with the Big Red Machine Kane. To set up ground rules with Kane, this isn’t a catalog for Glenn Jacobs, just the Kane character, so no Fake Diesel, no Christmas Creature, and no Isaac Yankem.

Without further ado, here we go into all of Kane’s turns since his memorable debut in 1997:

1. Badd Blood: In Your House: Debuts alongside Paul Bearer, interferes in Hell in a Cell match, costs Undertaker the match. (Heel)

2. Raw Is War - January 1998: Saves Undertaker from an attack by D-Generation X, salutes him with his 'Darkness Prayer' taunt, Undertaker reciprocates (Face)

3. Royal Rumble 1998: Costs Undertaker the WWF Championship in a Casket match against HBK, locks 'Taker in a casket, sets it ablaze. (Heel)

4. Judgment Day 1998: Paul Bearer betrays Undertaker, turning 'Taker heel and Kane face (Face)

5. Raw is War - December 1998: Kane joins the Corporation because they threatened to send him back to an insane asylum (Heel/Tweener)

6. WrestleMania XV: Chyna betrays Kane and re-forms D-Generation X with Triple H, then Triple H and Chyna betray X-Pac, and Kane runs out to attack them (Face?)

7. Raw is War - Spring 1999: Kane and X-Pac join forces as a tag team, winning the WWF Tag Team Championships twice, becomes unofficial member of D-Generation X, utters his first words without the aid of an electrolarynx, "Suck it!" (Face/Human)

8. Raw is War - August 2000: Betrays Undertaker after a match with Chris Benoit, chokeslams him through the ring (Heel)

9. Royal Rumble 2001: Undertaker and Kane re-join forces, dominate the Royal Rumble, Kane eliminates 11 wrestlers, sets a then-record (Face)

10. Raw - June 2003: Kane loses a World Heavyweight Championship match to Triple H, is forced to unmask. His unmasking proves to render him emotionally unstable, and starts hellishly terrorizing everybody, from Rob Van Dam, to Shane and Linda McMahon (including attaching Shane’s balls to a car battery), to Steve Austin, even setting Jim Ross on fire during an interview. In November 2003, he helped Vince McMahon bury Undertaker alive. (HEEL)

11. Raw - September 2004: Kane seeks revenge on Snitsky for the death of his child; chokeslams him off the stage (Face)

12. Raw - November 2005: Kane and Big Show join Team Raw in the big inter-promotional tag team match at Survivor Series. (Face/Heel, depending on which show you were loyal to)

13. Raw - April 2006: Kane and Big Show lose the tag titles to the Spirit Squad. A week later, they're disqualified when Kane snaps, due to "voices in his head". He would later attack anybody who would even mention "May 19th." He would defeat Rey Mysterio on SmackDown for mentioning the date " May 19th . (Heel)

14. Raw - May 2006: Kane battles an impostor Kane, who is revealed to be the source of the May 19th vignettes played on the titantron. Takes his mask back. Would take more time off to promote See No Evil, and would return in September to feud with Umaga, eventually losing a "Loser Leaves Raw" match. (Face)

15. Raw- September 2008: Kane attacks Rey Mysterio, after weeks of carrying around a bag with a mask inside it. (Heel)

16. SmackDown! - November 2009: Aids Undertaker from an attack from Jeri-Show. (Face)

17. SummerSlam 2010: It is revealed that Kane was the Undertaker's attacker upon 'Taker's return. (Heel)

18. SmackDown! - February 2011: Kane and Big Show re-join forces to face a common enemy in the Corre. (Face)

19. Raw - December 2011: A masked Kane returns and interrupts a match between John Cena and Mark Henry, attacking John Cena, wanting him to 'Embrace the Hate'. (Heel)

20. Raw 1000 - June 2012: Kane is saved from an attack from Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Hunico and Camacho by the Undertaker. A short while later, is enrolled in 'anger management' courses with Daniel Bryan. They later become a very successful tag team, with their name "Team Hell No" being picked by the fans. (Face)

21. Raw - October 2013: Kane unmasks again, and pledges his allegiance to Stephanie McMahon and the Authority to become 'Corporate Kane'. (Heel)

22. Night of Champions- September 2015: Returns and prevents Sheamus from cashing in on Seth Rollins, attacks Rollins afterwards (Face)

23. Raw- October 2017: Returns after almost a year of inactivity and attacks The Shield, joining Miz, Braun Strowman, and The Bar (Heel)

24. Smackdown Live- May 2018: Reunites with Daniel Bryan to reform Team Hell No against Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers (Face)

25. WWE Super Showdown- October 2018: Attacked Triple H and Shawn Michaels following Undertaker’s match with Triple H (Heel)

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