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Ronda Rousey should not give out nicknames

Slow news days? Yes, so far anyway. But, hey, at least this isn’t (entirely) about Becky Lynch...

All of the points/jokes have been made, yet Ronda Rousey persists in calling a woman a few days older than her a “Milennial Man”. It’s supposed to be an insult, because those born in the 1980s and early 1990s (except Ronda) are “Do Nothing B****es” who spend too much money on fancy open-faced sandwiches, I guess? Despite being alliterative and a play on the nickname Becky gave herself, it hasn’t caught - probably because it’s practically invites you to overthink it. If #MillenialMan is trending, it’s probably ironically.

Not to be deterred, Ronnie is at it again. In a tweet and Instagram about her current Raw Women’s title feud and the tag match for the Dec. 3 Raw building to their TLC showdown, she’s hashtagged #1 contender Nia Jax’s cousin and partner Tamina with a sobriquet... the “Monolitic Mute”.

Clearly, Rowdy loves alliteration. And at least this one makes more sense - Tamina is a large, imposing figure and she doesn’t say much. The problem here is that “Monolithic Mute” is kind of a mouthful, and Tamina wasn’t really in need of a new moniker.

Perhaps it’s just because Rousey really wanted to use the team names she hashtagged at the end of the Instagram caption, “Rowdy Hart” and “Mute Force”? That Jax/Snuka one is clever, a play on the term brute force. And the one she gives her own partnership sounds like a Joan Jett cover band, which fits.

Maybe there’s a method to Ronda’s madness after all.

Or maybe we just need the news to speed up. Call me when Becky tweets something.

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