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Roderick Strong is interested in coming back to Evolve and he’s got his pick of challengers

We’re still waiting on word as to what exact matches will be filling the void left by LAX getting pulled from Evolve 117 & 118, but it sure looks like we haven’t seen the last NXT talent to be announced for the weekend. To wit:

As he says, Roderick Strong is no stranger to the World Wrestling Network, having found success in both Full Impact Pro, where he’s a multiple time former FIP World Heavyweight Champion and FIP Tag Team Champion, and Evolve, where he had a string of excellent matches culminating in one final bout against Matt Riddle in the summer of 2016.

And of course, opponents have come out of the woodwork for him—

Incredible matchups, all three of them— Henry seems like a shoo-in given that, as the man says, he’s not got a match yet for the 15th (and the match is VERY natural given that he and Roddy tore the house down in PWX right around the time of the aforementioned Riddle match), and so it’s a question of whether he gets Darby or Fabian on the 16th.

Given his desire to take the title, one might assume the Aichner match is the obvious one, but WWN officials don’t like to have the same title defended twice in one weekend, and Allin has been slowly and steadily (perhaps too slowly and steadily) clawing his way to the Evolve World Championship himself, so it’s got a story built right into it.

But wait, there’s more! While we can’t be sure they’d be coming in for this month’s shows, Evolve mainman Gabe Sapolsky has very publicly set his sights on at least two more NXT superstars:

I’ll freely admit I’m rather more excited about Ervin, who’s gotten rave reviews from the house show circuit and would much rather have Riddick’s former tag team partner, the greatly-improved Tino Sabbatelli (were he not out hurt right now, of course) than Moss himself, who never came off as terribly interesting on NXT television at any point, but hey, he can’t come off any worse than Dan Matha did, right?

There you have it, folks

It’s less 2018 pro wrestling’s brand of wacky than having the reigning Impact Tag Team Champions in, but Evolve’s relationship with WWE sure opens some doors as far as making good on this kind of debacle. Looking forward to seeing Roderick Strong in an Evolve ring once more, Cagesiders?

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