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AAA Guerra de Titanes live results and open thread

The final of AAA’s ‘big five events’ is here to close out the year. Guerra de Titanes takes place tonight (Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018) from Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. The venue, Palenque de la Feria, appears to be an indoor bull ring.

Viva Aguascalientes

The show can be viewed for free live on AAA’s Twitch channel at 6 pm Mexico City time (7 pm ET). If you can’t watch live, pay 5 dollars for a subscription for on-demand access at your leisure. Or, wait many months until it pops up on YouTube as part of AAA’s TV show, Gira de Conquista.

The tag team main event has two legends and two of AAA’s hottest acts. Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown join together to fight Blue Demon Jr. and Killer Kross. There will also be at least four championship bouts this evening. Familiar names include Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno), Drago, Texano, Pimpinela Escarlata, Faby Apache, Scarlett Bordeaux, and possibly Cage as well.

Also of note, tonight will be the first appearance of the Killer Smoke Show since Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux became a power couple.

Check out the Guerra de Titanes preview to get you in the mood.

Joins us at 6 pm Mexico City time (7 pm ET) for some wild lucha libre action. There are bound to be surprises and unintentional laughs. AAA’s shows never run 100% smoothly. Enjoy the event and have fun chatting it up in the open thread.

Quick results:

Blue Demon Jr. & Killer Kross defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown. That was a textbook case of AAA’s main event shenanigans. Vampiro made an appearance to stop Scarlett Bordeaux’s interference. Kross kicked Vamp’s butt and sent him to the back. Blue Demon pinned Wagner on a double underhook driver. The referee, Hijo del Tirantes, stopped counting for the rudos for some reason. Then, he did another three count with both rudos pinning Wagner. Go figure.

AAA Megacampeonato: Fenix vs Brian Cage is canceled. Cage had a video saying he was injured. Fenix had a promo to tell the crowd he was injured. The crowd booed at him. Laredo Kid came out to challenge for a later date.

AAA Campeonato Latinoamericano: Drago defeated Hijo del Fantasma. NEW CHAMP! NEW CHAMP! NEW CHAMP! Drago used the Dragon’s Lair pin maneuver for victory.

Lucha Extrema para el AAA Campeonato de Parejas: Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion retained against Pagano & Joe Lider and Ciclope & Medio Extremo. Extreme match was extreme. Tables, a stapler, wooden BBQ skewers, chairs, barbwire, beer, light tubes, and thumbtacks. Texano and Rey Escorpion double pinned Pagano after a super powerbomb onto a light tube and chairs.

Impromptu bout: Los OGTs vs La Parka, Laredo Kid, & Myzteziz Jr. Los OGTs came out to smacktalk the new Trios champs. A fight ensued. Tombstone piledriver to Hijo del Vikingo put him out of action. La Parka made the trios challenge. Ring the bell. I assume the OGTs lost, since they ripped off all three tecnico masks.

AAA Campeonato de Tercias: Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, & Myzteziz Jr. defeated Poder del Norte. New champs. Angelikal is now Myzteziz Jr. Mocho Cota Jr. was pinned after a Spanish Fly by Laredo Kid, a moonsault by Myzteziz Jr., and a 450 front splash by Hijo del Vikingo. Triple pile on top to win.

La Mascara, Taurus, & La Parka Negra defeated Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Maximo. La Mascara pinned Maximo after a running double knee attack in the corner.

AAA Campeonato Reina de Reinas: Lady Shani defeated Faby Apache, La Hiedra, Scarlett Bordeaux. New champ. No Keyra in the match. Scarlett left mid-way through. Faby got mad at the ref, Hijo de Tirantes, and hit him with a whirling backbreaker. Shani attacked and got a super quick three count to spite Faby.

Twitch bonus match: Arkangel Divino’s trios team defeated Ultimo Maldito’s team. I believe the other participants were local talent from Aguascalientes. I didn’t catch their names. Arkangel won via spinning around Maldito’s body then armbreaker submission.

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