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Alpha-1 Final Act IX results: Alexander vs. Durst IV, Page & Cabana vs. LAX OGz, and more

Alpha-1 Wrestling

Alpha-1 Wrestling are closing their year out with a bang with Final Act IX in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Scheduled festivities include a battle royal for the Outer Limits Championship, a four-way for Josh Briggs’ Zero Gravity Championship also featuring no less than Paul London, a grudge match tag pitting two sets of old rivals against each other in “All Ego” Ethan Page and Eddie Kingston on one hand, and one of the most legendary feuds in Ring of Honor history, Colt Cabana and Homicide on the other, and a 60-minute iron man main event wherein “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander will defend his Alpha Male Championship against “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst.

The show kicks off at 4PM Eastern and you can watch live on a single-camera feed via, (new subscribers get a ten day free trial, and you can upgrade to twenty days with promo code ALPHA1) or of course you can follow along right here with our usual detailed results, folks.

Sami Callihan is introduced as a last-minute entry to our opening battle royal!

Sami Callihan over Bronson, Charles Blackwolf, Chris Logan, Eric Cairnie (c), Gregory Iron, Holden Albright, JT Kirk, Mark Wheeler, PB Smooth, Steve Brown, and Terrell Kenneth, last eliminating Cairnie with a triangle lariat to win the A1 Outer Limits Championship. (Battle Royal)

Anthony Greene vs. Cheech vs. Josh Briggs (c) vs. Paul London (A1 Zero Gravity Championship Elimination Match)
-Paul London eliminates Anthony Greene by pinfall with a slingshot cradle
-Josh Briggs eliminates Paul London by pinfall
-Cheech wins, last eliminating Josh Briggs by pinfall with a belt shot and a distraction courtesy of Eric Cairnie to win the A1 Zero Gravity Championship.

Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) (c) over the Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) and Western Med Connection (Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & Jim Nye), retrieving the titles to retain the A1 Tag Team Championship. (Ladder Match)

Colt Cabana & “All Ego” Ethan Page over OGz (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) by pinfall with the Spinning Dwayne from Page on Kingston.

All Ego cuts a post-match promo putting guys like Cabana over for letting Alpha-1 have nine successful years, and that segues into discussion of MJF being Colt’s son (as “proven” by a paternity test), which is a guise to ask Cabana for permission to abuse his “son” in a hardcore match in February. Colt says to consider the permission slip signed and it’s official!

Rickey Shane Page over Stokely Hathaway by pinfall with an avalanche powerbomb through two sets of boards, ensuring that he will not be fired from Alpha-1. (Grudge Match)

Stokely, the hero that he is, gets on the mic afterwards and says the thing about being in control is that you’ve always got a plan B, and effective immediately, RSP is fired! Commentator Reed gets in the ring while Hathaway is ranting and raving and says Stoke doesn’t have the power to do that anymore, and his contract as majority shareholder said if he became an active performer he loses all managerial control and as such, Rickey stays!

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Kobe Durst (A1 Alpha Male Championship 60-Minute Iron Man Match)
-Josh Alexander wins a fall by submission, reversing a Fameasser into a Stretch Muffler to go up 1-0.
-Josh Alexander wins a fall by pinfall with Rusty Nail, going up 2-0.
-Josh Alexander wins a fall by pinfall with a double underhook piledriver, going up 3-0.
-Kobe Durst wins a fall by pinfall with a sunset flip pin, bringing the score to 3-1.
-Kobe Durst wins a fall by pinfall with the Kobe Breaker, bringing the score to 3-2.
-Kobe Durst wins a fall by pinfall with a lariat, evening the score at 3-3.

The match ends in a 3-3 draw when the sixty minutes expire, but we’re in sudden death overtime!

Kobe Durst over Josh Alexander (c) by pinfall with a spinning Tombstone piledriver to win the A1 Alpha Male Championship.

Kobe cuts a promo talking about how he’s been haunted by his loss in their first iron man match and how he is good enough. He looks up to Josh and says this next part is the difficult part because it’s his turn to be haunted by his loss, but if he ever thinks he’s ready to take it back, Durst’ll be here waiting!

He extends a hand in respect and Alexander stares a hole in him before yanking the title belt away from him in order to formally present him the title. They embrace, Josh raises Kobe’s hand, and then leaves the new champ to celebrate.

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