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AAA Lucha Capital tournament preview & results: Pentagon, Killer Smokeshow at Dec. 19 finale

Hot off the heels of Taya winning the women’s side of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament, the final week (Week 8) brings together nine luchadores to compete for the grand prize. Yes, you read that right. Nine luchadores.

Killer Kross is back on the advertisement. He will join an exotico, a viking, a kid from Laredo, a sorcerer (or a stripper, I’m not entirely sure what his name refers to), the world’s only bad Australian, a dark moto ninja, and two clowns.

(If you have previously read previews of past weeks, then I’ll save you some time. The next few paragraphs are roughly the same in case any new viewers jump aboard this week.)

The Lucha Capital tournament spanned over eight consecutive Wednesdays at 8:30pm Mexico City time (9:30pm ET). The event is hosted at Pinche Gringo BBQ. Best of all, you can watch for free live on AAA’s Facebook page. If you can’t view live, don’t worry. The replay should be posted in short order.

The format awarded points to match winners, but it is simpler to think of it as most everyone got two singles bouts during the first six weeks. Those with two wins moved on to the final evening. During week seven, those with one win attempted to qualify for the finale.

The finale (Dec. 19) was originally scheduled to have quarterfinals of three-ways with the winners moving on to singles bouts in the semifinals and final, but that changed over time. The women ended up getting their own championship, and we now have nine male competitors for the finale.

International talent came from AAA, MAD, Elite, Impact, and Lucha Underground. In reality, most of them are pretty much AAA even if not officially recognized as such. The list of participants is Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, Pagano, Taurus, Pentagon Jr., Puma King, Vanilla Vargas, La Hiedra, Killer Kross, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Drago, Aerostar, Maximo, Lady Shani, Lady Maravilla, Fenix, Golden Magic, Texano Jr., Niño Hamburguesa, Australian Suicide, Taya, Mascarita Sagrada, and Keyra.

If you need to get caught up, jam on Week 1 (preview, recap), Week 2 (preview, recap), Week 3 (preview, recap), Week 4 (preview, recap), Week 5 (preview, recap), Week 6 (preview, recap), and Week 7 (preview, recap).

Join us here for the show to chat in the open thread. If you have never used Facebook to watch live shows, check out this handy video to help. It is about WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, but the process is the same. Go to instead.

Let’s preview tonight’s action as best we can. The nine competitors tonight are scheduled to be Maximo, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Golden Magic, Australian Suicide, Pagano, Pentagon Junior, Psycho Clown, and Killer Kross. The format is unknown at this moment, but three three-ways with a three-way final seems logical with nine players showing up.

Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Golden Magic, and Australian Suicide are the high-flyers. Maximo is what he is with a lower center of gravity. Pagano, Pentagon, and Psycho Clown are brawlers capable of lucha libre spectacularness. Pagano gets the edge in extreme. Pentagon gets the cero miedo edge, which would come in handy against Killer Kross. Psycho Clown gets the edge in energy. He’s always buzzing around.

The biggest news is the return of the Killer Smokeshow. Kross appeared to be eliminated due to refusing competition against Mascarita Sagrada and then not being available for last week’s semi-finale round. Have no fear though, Kross will be there.

Scarlett Bordeaux added her two cents.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be all that upset if tonight’s show lasted fifteen minutes as Kross literally sent the other eight luchadores to the hospital. That would leave only Vampiro to try setting Kross straight. Oh, what a dream match that would be.


Killer Kross is my pick to win Lucha Capital. He is the most physically imposing by far and also has Scarlett Bordeaux by his side as a tremendous asset.

The safest pick would be Psycho Clown. He is AAA’s star attraction. Pagano is one smidgen below on the hierarchy. He would not be a shocker either. Pentagon is a favorite in terms of popularity, but he isn’t a AAA full-timer. It will be interesting to see which of those three plus Kross does not make the final final of finals.

My underdog pick is Hijo del Vikingo. He is arguably the most exciting luchador left in the field. Vampiro and Konnan talk about him as a future star. Winning Lucha Capital would be a low risk opportunity to put a feather in Vikingo’s cap.

Who are you picking to win? Who is your upset special?

I’m guessing we will have three three-ways with a three-way final. (I was wrong.)

Matches will be listed in order of occurrence. Quick results:

Golden Magic defeated Maximo via 450 splash after Maximo missed a flying attack. Maximo hurt his ribs and took the 450 splash anyway.

Hoss fight!!! Killer Kross defeated Murder Clown after two Saito suplexes. Scarlett Bordeaux had no effect on the match.

Laredo Kid defeated Hijo del Vikingo via Spanish Fly. Intense finish of two counts. This was a bout between Trios champs teammates.

Clown fight!!! Psycho Clown defeated Pagano via la casita roll-up after a backcracker. Without a clown, there is no party.

Pentagon defeated Australian Suicide via package piledriver. Show-stealer of the night.

Killer Kross is out of the final due to a knee injury.

Russian Roulette: The final match will be a mini Royal Rumble with one minute intervals between Golden Magic, Laredo Kid, Pyscho Clown, and Pentagon.

Golden Magic and Pentagon began the match, followed by Laredo Kid, then Psycho Clown.

Golden Magic was eliminated first after he climbed the corner and Pentagon pushed him off. Golden Magic fell as a tope con hilo onto the concrete floor. He ended up being stretchered out.

Killer Kross is here! He is in the match after all.

Psycho Clown was eliminated second by Kross via toss over the ropes. Pentagon was eliminated third by Kross after a low blow kick then being dumped over the ropes.

Laredo Kid and Killer Kross performed some lucha libre action before the final elimination. Scarlett Bordeaux handed Kross a foreign object. Bordeaux seduced the referee, Hijo de Tirantes. Pentagon made the save with a low blow kick.

Whoa! Laredo Kid did a fancy move and just eliminated Kross.

Lucha Capital winner: Laredo Kid

Tune in tomorrow to Cageside Seats for a recap and review.

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