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WWE shrinks its Superstars to wish you Happy Holidays

It’s what the carols tell is the most wonderful time of the year... It’s time to reach into the virtual mailbox and pull out the digital equivalent of a Christmas card from the sports entertainment company we give a lot of our time to each year.

That’s right - WWE’s 2018 Happy Holidays video is here!

This year’s version is even stranger than last year’s, and we don’t just mean because it seems to have been put together when The Man was still doing steampunk cosplay. For some reason, they’ve unleashed shrunken Superstars into your home.

They’re sugar plum fairies, or Santa’s elves, or something... I think? Tiny Finn Bálor’s in charge of making sure the kids brush their teeth.

It’s not as terrifying as it sounds though. There’s storybook narration...

So, that’s a thing that exists.

Happy holidays, Cagesiders!

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