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Of Dance Breaks and Fantastic Hats

Mixed Match Challenge Final
Winner gets the 30 spot in their perspective Royal Rumble and an all expense paid trip to a destination of their choosing

The Road to TLC

Let’s be real here. Before I launch into a match by match breakdown of the MMC, be honest with yourself, you’re not here for that, you’re just here for a dance break.

Got it out of your system now? Good.

The truth is the second season of the MMC has been bogged down by injuries, awkward replacement team-ups and inconsistent story lines. Sure the teams of Naomi/Uso, Mickie/Lashley and Miz/Asuka stayed together, but many of those competitors already have matches on the TLC card. (I guess, there is Lana and Rusev too, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather watch a Mella dance break. I’ve seen too much awkward Lana dancing for a lifetime).

Taking all of that into consideration that leave the teams of Mahalicia and The Fabulous Truth.

It may seem like they got to the finals because they were the only logical choices left, and in many respects that’s true, but I think this is the best case scenario. These two teams, despite their win/loss records have been consistently entertaining both in their promos and in-ring. The MMC needed these two teams, because frankly, season two felt off from the beginning. Plus, the winners get an all expense paid trip, and I’m assuming WWE is planning some YouTube travel channelesque show following the winners. Which means the winners have to be entertaining enough out of the ring to carry a ancillary show.

Mahalicia brought us freaking FANTASTIC hats, crazy Alicia at her best and tons of screen time for the Singh Brothers. Jinder, for his part, balanced Alicia’s madness well and it made for a fun Odd Couple experience. Alicia Fox is so criminally underused and the MMC gave her a chance to shine. Figuratively and literally - again THE HATS ARE GOOD.

R-Truth is a hidden gem of WWE and like Alicia Fox is criminally underused. His team up with Carmella was unexpected, but their chemistry is amazing! I was worried about how Mella would fair after she dropped the title and shifting her into a comedy role was smart. Also, come ON, the dance breaks are amazing. If you disagree you hate fun. Why do you hate fun my dude? Maybe a dance break will help.

What’s at stake?

Honestly, not much. Sure, whoever wins get’s the number 30 slot in the Rumble, but let’s be real none of these superstars are winning the Rumble. Regardless of the stakes this match should be hecka fun to watch. Three out of four of the competitors are charismatic as hell and Jinder is a good sport.

I think Mahalicia will win because a heel in the #30 slot sounds like a very WWE thing to fall back on, but I will be happy either way. If Mahalicia wins, Alicia Fox gets some well deserved spotlight and if the Fabulous Truth wins then we have a guaranteed dance break in the Rumble(s).

It’s what we in the biz call a win/win,


Who will win?

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